Facilities and Administration Office



It is the responsibility of Minnesota State University Moorhead to reduce hazardous conditions and the destruction of property belonging to or under the control of the university.  The sidewalks and grounds of Minnesota State University Moorhead have been traditionally shared with all members of the Moorhead community.  Restrictions on use have been rare and only imposed when matters of safety and security were the main concern.  As the recreational use of skateboards, in-line skates and bicycles has increased greatly, so has the concern over the safety hazards and the damage they have created.


1.        Skateboards, in- line skates and bicycles are prohibited from operation inside any university building.

2.        Skateboards, in-line skates and bicycles are permitted on university property for the purpose of transportation only.

·        Jumping, stunts and imprudent operations are prohibited on university property.

·        Use of skateboards, in-line skates and bicycles on ramps is prohibited at all times. 

·        Pedestrians have the right of way on all sidewalks.


The following procedures shall be utilized when any violation of this policy is observed.

·        Any individual observed operating a skateboard, skates or bicycle in violation of this policy will be stopped.

·        The operator will be informed of the university policy restricting skateboard, in-line skate and bicycle use.

·        If the operator becomes uncooperative or is a repeat offender, contact Campus Security.

Reviewed and accepted by the Committee on Environmental Safety on July 21, 1998.
Reviewed by EH&S on October 28, 1999.
Reviewed by EH&S on February 9, 2001.
Reviewed by EH&S on October 28, 2004
Reviewed by Facilities & Grounds Committee on Nov. 4 2004.