Facilities and Administration Office





Tornado Emergencies


Tornadoes can occur at any time during the year.  However, the threat of tornadoes and high winds in our area will likely be more prevalent during the months of April through October.


We encourage students, faculty and staff to take a minute and determine safe areas BEFORE a storm arrives.   The approach of severe weather may be announced by sirens located throughout the community, and also through local radio and television programs.  In case of an approaching tornado, the following procedures are recommended:

1)                   Move to the nearest building and locate a safe place to wait.

2)                   Assist any physically challenged individuals, if needed.

3)                   Move to, or stay on, the lowest floor of any building.

4)                   Stay in central corridors away from glass; cover your face with folded arms.

5)                   Stay away from windows.

6)                   Leave corridor doors open.

7)                   Do NOT use any elevator.

8)                   Types of areas that should be considered the safest are:

·         stairwells

·         lower level rooms without any windows

·         lower level hallways without any windows

·         Nemzek Hall—the north section only.  The field house is NOT considered to be

a safe area during high winds.


Winter Storm Emergencies


About 90% of the students and employees of Minnesota State University Moorhead live in the immediate Moorhead/Fargo area.  Consequently, if travel is possible in the two cities, the university will usually try to avoid calling off classes and/or closing the campus.  Each individual must take into account their own circumstances for travel to Moorhead and decide accordingly whether or not it is safe for them to travel.




Statutory Authority:  1994 Minnesota Statutes, Section 43A.05, Subdivision 4.

The authority to cancel classes and close college or university campuses when weather-or other emergency exists resides with the president or the president's designee.  Cancellation of classes does not excuse any employee from work.  The closure of State agencies by the Commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations does not apply to MnSCU Institutions.


Positions and employees of the college or university who provide services that are essential to the preservation of the State's investments during campus closings due to weather conditions are considered "weather-essential" employees and as such, will not be excused from work during campus closings.




President has delegated to the following persons the responsibility for implementing this plan:

                Vice President for Student Affairs                           

                                (regarding decision about the cancellation of classes)                  


                Vice President for Finance and Administration            

                     (regarding decision about the closure of school/personnel matters)    


Essential Staffing Requirements


The following Minnesota State University Moorhead personnel are considered to be "weather-essential" and as such, will not be excused from work duty during campus closings necessitated by weather conditions:

                University Administrators

All Physical Plant employees except office personnel

All Heating Plant employees

All Building Services employees

                Housing Supervisors, General Maintenance and Repair Workers, and Residence Hall Directors

                Comstock Memorial Union General Maintenance Workers

                Residence Hall Complex Coordinators and Resident Assistants

                All Security personnel


Internal Operating Procedures


When a campus closing is declared, college or University employees are excused from work with pay.  A campus closure applies to all employees without regard to labor contracts.  Weather or other emergency-essential employees who are not excused from work will be paid at their regular rate of pay.


In the event of threatening weather, such as a tornado, the following recommendations shall be made to all employees, students and/or visitors:


Details regarding the anticipated length of closure and when we expect to open will be communicated as soon as possible, after a closing has been announced. 




The following Television and Radio Stations will also be notified (listen for their periodic announcements—do NOT call these stations directly):


KXJB TV—local channel 4          WDAY TV—local channel 6                KVLY TV—local channel 11


KMSC Radio                            KCCM Radio               KDSU Radio                               KFNW Radio

KFGO  / Oldies 92.7  / KVOX am  / K102  / River 95.1 / WDAY FM Radio  

KQWB Radio / Q98 / Froggy         KLTA-FM 105.1/ KPFX The Fox 107.9    KQWB AM-Star 1660



The following campus offices will be notified about this information:


1.             MSUM Telephone Operator              (218) 477-4000 (Voice),        (218) 477-2980 (TTY)

                                                                                                                         #711 (MN Relay)


2.             MSUM Campus Security                    (218) 477-2449


Employees who require special notification shall make arrangements with their supervisor.