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General Collection
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Children's Books

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Curriculum Bulletins

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Sample Texts 

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    Animals Two By Two
    Wood and Paper

FOSS Science Stories, Grades 1-2. Delta Education, 2001.  Curric. Text 500 D36 F75 Gr. 1-2
    Air and Weather
    Balance and Motion
    New Plants
    Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
    Solids and Liquids

FOSS Science Stories, Grades 3-4. Delta Education, 2000.  Curric. Text 500 D36 F75, Gr. 3-4
    Earth Materials
    Human Body
    Ideas and Inventions
    Magnetism and Electricity
    Physics of Sound
    Structures of Life

FOSS Science Stories, Grades 5-6. Delta Education, 2000.  Curric. Text 500 D36 F75 Gr. 5-6
    Food and Nutrition
    Levers and Pulleys
    Mixtures and Solutions
    Models and Designs
    Solar Energy

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