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The following are books for older students or adults who are reading below grade level. The reading levels and interest levels listed in brackets for each title refer to grade levels, not age levels.

Bestellers I-III.  Fearon, 1979.  Curric. Text 428.4 F283B56 no. 1-31.  [Reading level: 1.8-4.0; Interest level: 6-12].  Features mysteries, science fiction, suspense, and adventure.

Bestellers IV.  Fearon, 1988.  Curric. Text 428.4 F283B565 no. 1-11.   [Readling level: 1.8-4.0; Interest level: 6-12]

Caught Reading.  Quercus, 1989.  Curric. Text 428.4 F283C37.   [Reading level: Beginning-4; Interest level: 6-12]

Fearon's Amazing Adventures.   Fearon, 1993.  Curric. Text 428.4 F283A48 no. 1-9. [Reading level: 3.5 or lower; Interest level: 7-12]

Hopes and Dreams.  (Stories of the Immigration Experience).   Fearon, 1989.  Curric. Text 428.4 F283H79 no. 1-10.  [Reading level: 1.8-2.9; Interest level: 7-12]

Laura Brewster Books.  Fearon, 1980.  Curric. Text 428.4 F281L37.  [Reading level: Grade 3 & below; Interest level: 7-9].  Features detective stories.

A Perspectives Book.  High Noon Books, 1982.  Curric. Text 428.4 H63P46 no. 1-10.  [Reading level: 3-4; Interest level: 6-12]

Postcards from America Series.  High Noon Books, 1992.  Curric. Text 428.4 H63P85. [Reading level: 2; Interest level: 4-12]

Quest: New Roads to Literacy.  Scholastic, 1986.  Curric. Text 428.4 S36Q5.  [Reading level: 3-6; Interest level: 4-8]

South City Cops.  Fearon, 1984.  Curric. Text 428.4 F283S72 no. 1-10.  [Reading level: 3.5-4.0; Interest level 6-12].  Stories about the adventures of police patrol partners.

SporTellers.  Fearon, 1981.  Curric. Text 428.4 F283S76 no. 1-8.   [Reading level: 2.0-3.6; Interest level 6-12].  Each story focuses on a different sport.

Sprint Libraries Gold Medal Collection.  Curric. Text 428.4 S36S77 no. 1A-13.  [Readling level: Varies with each book & is listed in the resource binder teaching guide for each title; Interest level: Upper elementary]

Superstars Series.  Steck-Vaughn, 1986.  Curric. Text 428.4 S81S96.  [Reading level: 4-6; Interest level: 5-12]

TaleSpinners II.  Fearon, 1988.  Curric. Text 428.4 F253T14 no. 1-17.  [Readling level: 2.6-4.5; Interest level: 7-12].  Stories focus on characters in cliff-hanging predicaments.

WorkTales.  Fearon, 1992.  Curric. Text 428.4 no. 1-11.   [Reading level: 1.8-2.9; Interest level: 9-12].  Series dramatizes issues in the workplace.

To identify trade books for middle and senior high school students who are reading below grade level, consult: High Interest Easy Reading: An Annotated Booklist for Middle and Senior High School. NCTE, 1996.  Curric. Ref. 016 N277h 1996

Compiled by Carol H. Sibley, Curriculum Librarian, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, Minnesota, 8/99.