Livingston Lord Library
Curriculum Materials Center

 Computer and Videodisc Programs
for Middle School and Secondary Science
Located at Livingston Lord Library,
Minnesota State University Moorhead

The following titles are available for use in the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC). The programs may also be checked out for use in area schools or at home. To check out reference items, please ask a librarian for permission. The CMC has two IBM CD-ROM stations, one Macintosh station, and a videodisc player. Assistance in using these programs is available from the CMC staff.


Animal Planet. (IBM CD-ROM). Curric. Software 590 A597

Craters! (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Bulletin Software 500 N28c

Exploring Aeronautics (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Software 629.4 E9671

Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science. (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Ref. Software 503 E97

Eyewitness Virtual Reality Dinosaur Hunter. (IBM CD-ROM). Curric. Software 567.9 D586

Frog. (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Software 597.8 B521

Insects: Little Creatures in a Big World.  (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Software 595.7 I5914

Mammals: A Multimedia Encyclopedia. (IBM CD-ROM). Curric. Ref. Software 599 M265)

Microsoft Oceans. (IBM CD-ROM). Curric. Software 551.46 M626)

Rainforest Explorer. (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Software 574.5 R156)

Seashore. (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Software 574.5 O58

The Ultimate Human Body. (Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Software 612 U47

The World's Weather.  (IBM or Macintosh CD-ROM). Curric. Software 551.6 W92796


The Cell. Curric. Ref. Video Disk 574.87 C393

Classic Inquiries. Curric. Ref. Video Disk 574 C61

SourceView.  Curric. Ref. Video Disk 540 S724

Compiled by Carol H. Sibley, Curriculum Librarian, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, Minnesota, 2/01.