Research-like activities in the 7-12 Classroom

Schedule for workshop May 18, 2002:Final version
Sponsored by Minnesota State University Moorhead and NASA

This page includes links to the results of this workshop, including

thoughts about what a research-like experience is, and

research-like activities developed by the participants.


Participant List


9:30-10:00  Juice and muffins, and filling out paperwork

10:00-10:45  MSUM faculty review how they use research in the classroom or outside the classroom.  Research projects in Geology, Astronomy, and Chemistry will be included.  Notes from Russ Colson.


10:50-11:40 Discussion:  What is a research-like experience and what is its value to 7-12 students?  Sharing of experiences with research-like experiences. Thoughts of participants.


11:45-12:00  Introduction to the F.O.I.L. concept of limiting blind alleys and incomprehensible results in a classroom research-like experience.  Notes from Russ Colson and example activity.

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-2:15 Group work: Develop a skeletal outline for a research-like experience appropriate for 7-12 students which teachers can implement in their own classrooms. Activities developed by participants.


2:15-2:30  Discussion: Sharing of ideas from small group work

2:30-3:00  Discussion:  What can MSUM do to support research-like experiences in the classroom? What can we each do to implement more cooperation between 7-12 and post-secondary education faculty?  [MSUM science and math outreach page:   Access to faculty web pages (which in some cases talk about their research or specialties) can be accessed through individual departmental web pages also available on this site.]


3:00  Adjourn.