Written by Russ Colson, Moorhead State University: Programmed by Sonja Jackson
First published on WWW June 19, 1997

Russ Colson, who teaches Geology at Moorhead State, has students figuring out what kinds of physical and chemical processes may have operated in the past on the Moon and on other planets and what the insides of these other planets may be like. The students are trying to recreate conditions of temperature, pressure, and chemical composition that may have existed on other planets and observe the behavior of molten natural materials under these conditions. This allows us to place constraints on the processes that may have operated on those planets and how those processes may have changed the composition of the planet's surface or even produced ore deposits. It also helps us understand geological processes on our own planet better, and better understand the nature of the molten silicate material from which glass is manufactured.

Do an experiment! (1st grade-5th grade)(3rd grade-8th grade) (7th grade-12th grade)
These are investigative science puzzles much like the research being done at Moorhead State

You can talk to Russ Colson about Planets or Moons, Experimental Geology, or other aspects of Geology