Russell O. Colson
 Professor of Geology
Department of Anthropology and Earth Science
 Minnesota State University Moorhead

Cool Earth and Space Sites

Space Science in the News (Space Age Publishing Company)

Environmental Commentary (New York Times Blog)

Planetary pictures (NASA/jet propulsion lab)

Space Teacher Resources (NASA)

First Landing of Humans on the Moon--watch it like it was live!

Atlas of planetary images (NASA/jpl)

Space Weather (sunspots, aurora, meteorshowers)

US Map Source

            Also try Google Earth!

Earth From Space

Earth weather:  US satellites, radar and warnings       US Computer models

Animated Plate Tectonics and Information, since Precambrian

Animated Plate Tectonics last 160MY

Cool Maps of Earth's Moon (features and topography)
Cool Maps of Mars:  (Map 1West, Map1East, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, Geological Map)

            Also try Google Mars!

Cool Maps of Io (moon of Jupiter):  (features and geology)

Cool Maps of Europa (moon of Jupiter):  (photomosaic)

Cool Maps of Callisto (moon of Jupiter): (photomosaic, geology, text for geological map)



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