Russell O. Colson
 Professor of Geology
Department of Anthropology and Earth Science
 Minnesota State University Moorhead

Research Work by Undergraduate Students
(files are in MS Word unless otherwise indicated)

Reports by undergraduate students at professional meetings:
Geochemical stratigraphy in glacial Lake Agassiz sediments (jpg file)
Use of electrochemical methods to measure the effects of F and Cl on silicate melt polymerization
Effects of CO on the activity of Nickel in a simple silicate melt
Elemental migration along grain boundaries as a process of chemical differentiation
The effects of Phosphorous on Ni and Fe activity in a silicate melt
The effects of CO on the activity of Nickel and Zinc in silicate melts, with implications for Ni partitioning and petrogenesis of Apollo 15 green glass B
Mapping activity variations for Ru2O3 in lunar volcanic green glass analogs using differential pulse voltammetry

Neutral Nickel in Silicate Melts:  Characterization of experimental results

An electron microprobe examination of ceramic fragments from the Sprunk Site

Effect of Carbon Monoxide on Liquidus Temperatures of Silicate Melts at 1-atm Pressure

Additional experiments suggesting that neutral nickel is soluble in silicate melts at low concentration

Reinterpretation of observed effects of CO on crystallization in silicate melts at 1-atmosphere pressure.

Importance of considering melt activity coefficients and charge-balancing substitution mechanisms when understanding partitioning in olivine  (picture)

Modeling NiO Activities in Silicate Melts Considering Separate Contributions from Ni2+ and O2-:  Dependence of O2- on melt polymerization (picture) (excursion)

Effect of Ferric Iron on the Activity Coefficient of Nickel Oxide in Silicate Melts  (picture) (excursion)

Experimental Measurements of CoO Activities in Silicate Melts (pdf)  (Poster Session) (Supper Out)

Preliminary experiments to constrain the effect of Cl on the activity of NiO in silicate melts using diffusion profiles of Ni in Pt wire loops (pdf)—(Publication only—conference cancelled due to COVID19.

Use of Pt-Melt Equilibration and Electrochemical Experiments to Constrain the Effect of Cl on NiO Activity in Silicate Melts --(abstract only—conference cancelled due to COVID19.



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