Russell O. Colson
 Professor of Geology
Department of Anthropology and Earth Science
 Minnesota State University Moorhead

Teaching interests:
     I believe that science is not about what we know so much as it is about how we know it.  My goal is to create situations in lab, or on field trips, or address science puzzles in lecture in such a way that students can both observe me solving science puzzles and engage in the doing of science with me.  I like to think that students and I do science together.
     I try to provide challenges for students at many different levels of science understanding.  I want my classes to both stretch students out of their comfort zone, and still be fun.  I also want my classes to give students, not just "facts" about geology, but to give them an understanding of how a geologist reasons and how we read the stories written in the fabric of creation.

Classes that I teach include the following:
Geos 102 Geology in the National Parks (syllabus) (computer lab activity 1, 2)
Geos 115 Physical Geology  (syllabus) (Final Topic Review List)
Geos 116 Historical Geology (syllabus) Notes taken by a student (does not substitute for your own notes!!) (unit 1, unit 2, unit3)
Geos 170 Earth Science Today (syllabus) (Earth Science Today Class notes)(EST Test study guide)
Geos 302 Mineralogy (syllabus) (class notes)

Geos 303 Petrology (syllabus) (class notes)
Geos 330 Elementary Meteorology (syllabus) (test 1 study guide)
Geos 340 Economic and Environmental Geology  (syllabus) (class notes)
Geos 360 Planetary Science (syllabus)

Geos 370 Structural Geology and Mapping (syllabus) (final exam prompts and mapping objectives)
Geos 415 Reading Geochemical Fingerprints (syllabus) (class notes)
Geos 480 Senior Seminar (syllabus)


Geos 499/599  Earth Science Essentials (Notes and course materials)  (This course is offered on demand only—contact me if interested)

Honors 314  Space, Time, and Change:  Revolutions in our Self-Perception (syllabus)

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