Distance Ed

Library Services

MSUM's Livingston Lord Library is dedicated to providing the distance learner with resources equivalent to those used by students taking face-to-face courses. To meet the needs of distance learners, the Library has  a full-time distance learning librarian. This librarian, Travis Dolence (dolence@mnstate.edu), is available to assist distance students via phone, email, chat, voice-over-internet (e.g., skype), or web conferencing software. Please see the Library's main distance education site (http://web.mnstate.edu/library/distance.cfm) for assistance. Services offered by the Library include:

Delivery of books
The Library will now mail books from its collection to students taking distance education courses. An explanation of this service can be found at http://web.mnstate.edu/library/ill.cfm

Reference assistance
The library can provide assistance for students who need help with any aspect of research, including in-depth consultations related to large research projects. Please see http://web.mnstate.edu/library/askalibrarian.cfm for a complete list of services, or contact Travis Dolence (dolence@mnstate.edu).

Help with access to online databases
If you have problems accessing databases please see- dolmnstate.edu