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Jessica and Cory Alfson
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Janice and Kerman Alm
American Association of University Women
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Sandra and Douglas Anda
Cheryl and Keith Anderson
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Gyda and Thomas Anderson
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Angela and Neil Arceneau
Viola Ausherman
Denise and Phillip Awender
DeLori and Kelly Baer
Florence and John Bahma
Dorothy and Richard Baker
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President and Mrs. Roland E. Barden
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Kimberly and Justing Bawek
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Barbara and James Blaine
Richard and Helen Bolton
Jill and David Booth
Gloria and Dennis Borass
Agnes Bowman
Nancy and Robert Bratvold
Jacqualine and Michael Brawner
Gary and Janelle Brunkow
Mision Bautista Buen Pastor
Ardis and Benjamin Bull
Jonelle and Birch Burdick
Gary and Emily Burggraff
Doris and Marvin Burton
Alyssa Carlson
Howard and Linda Carver
Kristen Chase
Cathi and Lawrence Chial
Deann and Lee Christianson
Melody Chuang
Hildur and Douglas Coen
Layna Cole and Brian Jambor
Kay and Terry Compson
Tom and Laurie Conzemius
Patrick Coppens and Suzanne Hungerford
Mark and Rachel Coppin
Delmer and Janice Corrick
Barbara and Jeff Cote
Ellen Cromwell-Cecrle and George Cecrle
Trudy A. Dahl
Jody and Jason Dahlen
Dakota Medical Foundation
Karen and David Danbom
Sharon and Stan Dardis
Jacquelyn Davis
Roberta and Cliff Davis
Terri Discher
Carol and David Dixon
Sarah and Jody Doe
Tamara Doerr
Marly and Bruce Douglas
Richard and Patricia DuBord
David Dziengel
Dave and Susan Eidenschink
Shari and Anthony Ellertson
Debbie and Larry Ellingson
Emily Elliott
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Carol and Larry Else
Rebecca Emerson
Charlotte M. Engstrom
Timothy and Deanna Epema
Judy and Bruce Erdahl
Kathryn and Bradley Ervin
Wes and Deborah Erwin
Shaun Espe
Lanette and Michael Faul
Bruce and Carol Femling
Jennifer and Chris Fischer
Wendy and Gary Fisher
Glenn Fogel
Corinne Fowler
Sheila and Tim Freeman
Helen and Thomas Friend
Cathie and Vernyl Fronning
Thomas and Pam Fuchs
Carol and Scott Funfar
Michael and Joyce Gallo
Bonnie and Donald Gates
Colleen and John Germolus
Erin and Kristopher Gillett
Stephanie Gillman
Lanny and Rhonda Gleason
Sandra Gordon
Rachel and Jacob Grabow
Mary Gramlich-Staszko and Chris Staszko
Pamela Guichard
Judy and John Gunkelman
John and Linda Gustafson
Ann Gytri
Brenda and Gary Haas
Ella and Russell Hagen
Barry and Cleo Halm
Frances and Scott Hammond
Mary Ann Hanna
Patricia Hansen
Bruce and Margaret Hanson
Ruth and Rueben Hanson
Helen and John Harris
David and Rosalie Hasseltine
Mary and Paul Hatrick
Douglas and Doris Haugen
Rodney and Angie Haugen
Theresa and Rodney Haugtvedt
Franchetta Haupert
Monica and Timothy Haverkamp
June and Harold Hayer
Julie and Rich Hayes
Daniel Heck
Kathy and Dale Heckendorf
Cheryl and Collin Hendrickson
Marsha and David Hendrickson
Gerald and Jennifer Herman
Janet Heyer
Deborah and Frank Higginbotham
Mariah Higgins
Stacie and Mitch Hoekstra
Erin and Chris Hoff
Janet and Daniel Hohenstein
Stephanie and Michael Holm
Norean and Gary Hoots
Hazel and Irvin Houkom
Kristi and Jeffrey Howell
Sharon and David Humphrey
Cheryl Hustrulid
Lori and Mike Hynnek
Eileen and William Hyslop
Wayne and Jeanne Ingersoll
Shirley and Donald Iverson
Barbara Jacobson
Catherine and Reed Johnson
Francine and Mark Johnson
Shirley and Greg Johnson
Ruby Johnston
Janice Jorgens and Scott Linge
Merideth and Don Jorgenson
Peggy and Ronald Jossart
Lois and Bob Jung
Joan Justesen
Brenda and Ed Kaeding
Mary and Joe Kelsch
Sherry and Michael Kempel
Genevieve Keranen
Kala and Ronald Kernott
John and Renee Kerzman
Betty and Wayne Kienenberger
Barbara King
Jack King
Patricia and Wendell King
Mike and Susan Kjelland
Joyce and N. Jay Klawon
Allen and Kathleen Klindt
Jacki Kline
Sarah and Raphael Klinkhammer
Patsy and Lemoine Klose
Thomas and Phyllis Klotz
Kimberly and George Koeck
Andrea and Michael Koenig
Douglas and Dianne Koenning
Vicki and Curtis Kolpack
Nancy and Bill Korbl
Curt and Luci Kovash
Stacie Kray
Carrie and Steve Krebs
Jill and Doug Kurtz
Marvis Landburg
Kay and Wayne Lang
Marc and Mary Langseth
Wally Larose
Barbara and Craig Larson
Donna and Alan Larson
Joyce and William Larson
Lucille Larson
Marilyn Lecy
Betty and Robert Lee
Mary and Bill Leff
Brett Lehman
Jill and Michael Leier
Jodi and Terry Leonidas
Corrine and Mark Lewis
Janet and Stanley Oian
Kathryn and Darren Lichty
Barbara and Roger Livdahl
Leroy Hoekstra
Gregory Lof
Kathryn and Thomas Loff
Shannon and Marv Loidolt
Dennis and Patricia Lokken
Cheryl Lossett
Sara and Jon Lundwall
Cathy Lund-Ziebarth and Mark Ziebarth
David Lutes
Michelle and Bill Lytle
Larry and Marcella MacLeod
Barbara Madole
Debra and Earl Magnuson
Lynn and Jeff Mahlum
Jeanne and Barrie March
Patricia and Peter Marsnik
Carol Martin
Staci Mattson
Kathleen McCauley
Darcy McDaniel and Matthew Robbins
LaRae and Terry McGillivray
Julie and Benjamin McKee
Michael McKinley
Laura and Brian McVean
Darrel and Lois Meinke
Ron and Em Messelt
Nancy Meyer
Laurie and Timothy Middendorf
Debra and Joe Meile
Betty and Jerome Miksche
Wonell and Ray Miller
Robert and Eileen Millette
Katie and Mike Mitchell
Diane and Douglas Moderow
Brian and Jessica Moe
Dean and Cathy Mollerud
Frank and Lola Mollner
Rita Morrison
Dwight and Nancy Murphy
Charles and L. Jan Nelson
Leon and Susan Nelson
Linnea and Ted Nelson
Marian Nelson
Marie and Jon Nelson
Susan and Rick Nelson
Bambi and Jon Neumann
Alicia Nguyen
Chi Nguyen
Rachel and Joel Nikle
Rosemary and Jerry Noehring
Beverly Nokken
Timothy and Deborah Nokken
Michael and Joyce Nylin
Janet and Stanley Oian
Carolyn Olson
Mary Olson
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Mary and Mark Oren
Ruth Pallansch
Jennifer and James Parta Arno
Linda Patterson
Karen Paulson
Michelle and Chad Paulson
Jill Pawlowski
Judith Peacock
Edna and George Pearson
Judith and Robert Pearson
Anne Pedersen
Todd and Tonya Person
Gregory and Judith Peterson
Larry and Lois Peterson
Marcella Peterson
Monica and Melvin Peterson
Nancy and Greg Power
Paula and Jon Praska
Arlette and Richard Preston
Debra and Daniel Pullen
Debra and John Pusari
Donna and Stanley Quam
Jean Quam
Evelyn and Brian Quigley
Dawn and Lawrence Raadt
Duane Rafteseth
Lori and Joseph Randall
Patricia Jo and Erling Rasmussen
Marilee and Milo Reck
Jolene Richardson
Rigels, Inc.
Shannon Ross
Dorothy and gerald Rowell
Lynne and Marvin Sargent
Rachel and Thomas Savageau
Keri and Alan Schliesman
Susan Schmidt
Sandra Schob
Diane Schoenecker
Amber and Calvin Schoepp
Cynthia Schreiber-Beck and Gerald Beck
Lorie Schulstad-Werk
Dale Erickson and Gail Schwankl-Erickson
Hazel and Davis Scott
Linda Seaton
Joann and Jerry Sell
Susan Severson
Roberta and Warren Shreve
Connie and David Simonson
Mary and Scott Sinner
Marcia and Steven Sjulstad
Esther Slauson
Becky and Mike Small
DiaAnn Smidt
Brian Smith
Heather Smith
Nola L. Smith
Constance Sommer
Becky and Steven Spanier
Joel and Kathy Stattelman
Kathryn and Jerry Stigman
Nancy and Kevin Stock
Susan Stoltenburg
Wanda R. Stordahl
Lori Stordal
Cynthia and Philip Stotesbery
Nancy Suelflow
William and Susan Sweeney
Connie and Arlan Swenson
Audrey and George Szymansky
Karen and Arne Teigland
Cathryn and Jeffrey Teubner
Lorrie and Jerry Thoemke
Eileen Thorvilson
Kathleen and Allen Toov
Judith and Terry Trader
Steven Trosvig
Darlene Ulmer
Carol and John Varner
Barbara and Stephen Versoi
Mary and Larry Vigen
Jodi Voss
Teri and Troy Walseth
Debra Wensman and Steven Schmidgall
Dan Wescott
Charles and Pamela Wettstein
Joyce and Gerald White
Marilyn White
Heidi and Allen Wieman
Lori Wightman
Tracy and Troy Witt
David and Doris Witzel
Ramona Wohlwend
Barbara and Walter Worman
Mary and Robert Worner
Nancy and Keith Youngberg