Professional social workers are guided by: 
A person and environment construct, a global perspective, respect for human diversity, and knowledge based on scientific inquiry.

We also embrace several core values: 
Service, social justice, the dignity and worth of people, the importance of human relationships, integrity, competence, human rights, and scientific inquiry (see the NASW Code of Ethics).

These values underpin our commitment to: 
Respect of all people, social and economic justice, and human and community well-being

These values underpin our MSUM Social Work program's strategic statements: 
Consistent with the mission of this upper Midwest teaching university, and the Education Policy and Accreditation Standards (2008) of the Council on Social Work Education, the MSUM School of Social Work educates competent entry-level social work professionals with the core knowledge, values, and skills necessary to engage in ethical and empowerment-based generalist practice with all people in a dynamic and diverse society. Graduates are prepared to promote planned change and advance social and economic justice, and human rights, locally, nationally, and globally. 

Further, with a liberal arts foundation, MSUM SSW graduates are prepared for entry-level professional social work practice, and continue their formal education in social work or other graduate discipline. Thus, MSUM SSW graduates will be prepared to:

1. Engage in evidence-based, entry-level social work practice with individual, families, groups, organizations, and communities within local, national, and global multicultural societies;

2. Practice within the principles, values, and ethics that guide the social work profession;

3. Influence social policies in order to alleviate poverty, oppression, and social and economic injustice as well as advocate for human rights;

4. Identify and affect the bio-psycho-social, spiritual, and cultural functioning of people; and

5. Practice from a culturally-sensitive perspective that recognizes and appreciates diverse cultures, particularly those that differ from one's own.

These values also underpin our program's formal competency-based educational structure and curriculum: 
Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education for almost 40 years, our program's curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts, and uses an intentional design to 
promote mastery of 10 core competencies required for licensed generalist practice throughout the United States.

Competency-based education is an outcome performance approach to curriculum design: Competencies are conceptual ideas that include measurable practice behaviors comprised of knowledge, values, and skills. Our goal in using this outcome approach is to assist students in learning, integrating, and applying the 10 competencies and their related 41 practice behaviors in practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities

These competencies and nested behaviors include:

Phi Alpha:
Earning a high grade point across all university classes is truly difficult; but when one does, it deserves special recognition! If you have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better, you are eligible to join our Phi Alpha Honor Society. So please consider joining in special celebration of your hard work and resultant academic achievement! See our Department staff for details!

(UPDATED: 5 January, 2011)

All students are encouraged to participate in the Social Work Student Organization DRAGON SOS.
(UPDATED: 5 January, 2011) 

Flood Statement Addendum: 
Spring flooding in the Red River Valley can be challenging. Often floods require sandbagging and levee building, even temporary evacuation. A spring flood emergency may require us to adjust our class schedule, alter our instructional delivery, work independently, and perhaps make special accommodations for students in extraordinary situations. To be notified of any emergency, I strongly encourage each of you to enroll in the E2Campus emergency notification system (http://web.mnstate.edu/security/ ) which will notify students about class cancellations and other emergency related information. Should a significant flood emergency occur that interrupts university processes, we will proceed with instruction to the extent possible. (UPDATED: 17 November, 2015) 

The Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) Social Work Program prepares competent and effective professionals for entry-level generalist social work practice. The MSUM Social Work Program also provides leadership in developing service delivery systems and advancing social and economic justice.