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History 401, Genocide in History

Web Sites

Genocide in the 20th Century - Created by The History Place, includes links to information on recent to past occurrences and the U.N. Genocide Convention.

Armenian National Institute - Research on the Armenian Genocide -- A good site for many documents, official statements, resolutions, proclamations, and reports concerning events in Armenia in 1919-20.  (

Genocide in Bosnia  -- Testimony and a human rights report. (

The Cambodian Genocide Project -- Yale University site on genocide in Cambodia. (

Holocaust and Genocide Studies - Online Services-- Search the tables of contents of several issues of the journal "Holocaust and Genocide Studies" and read abstracts of the articles.  The Library can provide articles through interlibrary loan.  (

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials -- Yale University site on the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials in 1946. Contains much original testimony about the Holocaust. (

Rwanda Unfair Trials: Justice Denied -- An Amnesty International Report on Rwanda trials after the events of 1994.  Try also going to the more general site for Amnesty International.  (

"We're sorry, say Rwanda genocide leaders"  [Johannesburg Daily Mail and Guardian: 4/15/99] -- An article summary with links to more information about Rwanda in the 1990's.  (

Examples of U.S. Federal Documents

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for [year] -- Use PALS to get the call number (SUDOC number) for the year(s) report(s) you need on paper.  Online versions are available back to 1993;  paper back to 1978.

The History of the Armenian Genocide -- Y4.IN8/16:H62/2

Cambodia, Where Do We Go From Here? -- Y4.IN8/16:C14/2

Holocaust Annotated Bibliography -- Y3.H74:13AN7/994

The Holocaust: A Historical Summary -- Y3.H74:2H74/7

Atrocities in Kosovo --  Y4.SE2:105-2-4

The Crisis in Rwanda -- Y4.F76/1:R94

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