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So, what have I been listening to?

Sorry, but this is less active than previously.

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  Not reading your Bible often enough? 

Perhaps it would help to have it illustrated with Legos.

Do you wonder what it would be like to have a video game based on philosophy?


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How much irony can you handle?        

Except that some of it is sincere.


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"Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?" --Alexander Pope

Updates on the culture wars


Looking for some serious, heavy-duty theories of pop culture?


So what's Bob Dylan doing today?


Link to Expecting Rain 

  Need to know about "Alternative Country" Music?
But why the silly name?

What's more fun than arguing about art?

New links about the arts are added every day.

What's going on these days in the world of theory? 


(That's literary theory, 
by the way)

Did Sir Paul McCartney die in the 1960s?


Here's a link to all of the "clues"

  Are there any philosophy weblogs out there?

Yah, you betcha!

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  Athena's Book Publishing


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My Philosophy of Art blog

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