Philosophy 311            Final Exam                  Summer 2006

We will two hours for the exam. 

You will learn which essay question you will be answering when the exam begins. Bring a copy of these questions with you.  

You may consult any notes that you have written on that piece of paper.

You will be graded on clarity, accuracy, and completeness of your responses. Completeness includes your ability to define any specialized vocabulary taught in this course.

  1. If the principle of respect for autonomy is given priority over other moral principles, how can this principle condemn both embryonic stem cell research and selling a kidney for use as a transplant organ? How can this same principle of autonomy be used to allow these same practices? 
  2. How does John Rawls' interpretation of the basic demands of justice create a problem for the current U.S. practice of treating health insurance as an untaxed fringe benefit? How can the same interpretation of justice be used to defend the sale of kidneys for use as a transplant organ? 
  3. How does Rothman use utilitarian reasoning to reject "trafficking" in organs for transplant? Although both practices might save lives, what important difference between organ trafficking and embryonic stem cell research would allow Rothman to endorse the stem cell research while condemning organ trafficking? 

                              August 8, 2006