Final Exam: Philosophy 101   Fall 2010 


Saturday section

Your final exam is worth 25% of your total grade. Please take it seriously.

The exam must be typed/word-processed. It will be graded for accuracy, completeness, and clarity. (The criterion of clarity is whether your answer would be understandable and informative to someone who has never taken this course.) There is no minimum or maximum word length. However, it is unlikely that you will do a very good job with less than 750 words.


The exam is DUE on Monday, Dec. 13. You can email it to me, email an attachment to me, bring it to the Philosophy Department office during regular business hours (M-F 9:00 to 4:30, Bridges 359), or you can use the U.S. postal system. If you us the U.S. postal, it must be mailed (postmarked) by Saturday, Dec. 11. If you email it, you will receive confirmation by return email.  

Postal address:

Theodore Gracyk

Philosophy Department

Minnesota State University

1104 7th Ave S.

Moorhead Moorhead, MN 56563


Answer one of these two questions:

1.       What does Herodotus mean by the expression “custom is king?” Is he correct?


2.      Explain what ethical relativism is, and explain an argument that is typically used to defend it. Why does Moore think that ethical relativism is a mistaken theory?