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Spring Semester 2016: SYLLABUS

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  Sample papers (and look at the box to the left)

What is Philosophy? 

  Basic Fallacies
I need help with the Euthyphro!  
Aquinas: The Five Ways to Prove That God Exists 
Analysis of the Argument of each of the Five Ways 
Criticisms of the Five Ways  (belongs to someone else)
Outline of Paley's Argument and Hume's Response (another teacher's)
Christianity and Free Will (The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Hard and Soft Determinism (another teacher's outline)
d'Holbach & Moore lecture on Determinism 
Three Theories of Truth Compared  (Very Basic level -- another teacher's outline)
Theories of Truth (Lots of info: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Truth: Coherence and Correspondence (Advanced level: Stanford Encyclopedia)
 Relativism  & another outline on same
  Outline of absolutism and relativism 
  Jim Pryor's 
Philosophical glossary for beginners

(generally relevant to introductory philosophy)
Tell me more about the Meno, and about learning as recollection 
A very basic overview of Plato's Philosophy, including the Parable of the Cave 
  Outline of Plato's Republic
Outline of Plato's Theatetus
Tell me more about ancient Greece 
Lecture notes about Plato at the University of Washington  
A visual of the cave, with explanations  
What do you want to know about Plato and his writings?  
What is Plato's distinction between knowledge and opinion in the Meno?
Aristotle's Four Causes  
What happens after death? A traditional Christian doctrine  
Aquinas: The Five Ways to Prove That God Exists 
Analysis of the Argument of each of the Five Ways 
Pascal's Wager 
A basic guide to Pascal's Wager       And a more complex one 
Tell me more about the problem of evil and its solution  
Why did Galileo get into such trouble with the Church? 
A general introduction to Descartes and his philosophy  
Aristotle's thesis that virtue is tied to dispositions 
and an outline of Aristotle's ethics
What is Hume's position on morality? 

David Hume: 
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Loads of links to pages about David Hume 

Outline of Kant's Ethics (duty and the categorical imperative) 

John Stuart Mill: Introduction to his life and his writings 

Outline of Mill's Utilitarianism -- and another outline 

d'Holbach and G.E. Moore

Loads of links to pages about Immanuel Kant 


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