Theodore Gracyk
Philosophy 110: Practical Reasoning

Fall 2007

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Wednesday, Nov. 14 The process of evaluating an essay 
Monday, Nov. 12 We corrected the 45 extra-credit problems 
Friday, Nov. 2 Changing the Subject, Attacking the Critic, Shifting Burden of Proof 
Wednesday, Oct. 31 Irrational Appeal to Authority, Straw Man, Moderation, Common Belief 
Monday, Oct. 29 Circularity, Mistaken Authority, Pity, Fear, Tradition
Wednesday, Oct. 24 Contradiction and false analogy 
Monday, Oct. 22 Overgeneralization and anecdotal evidence 
Wednesday, Oct. 17 Post Hoc / criticisms of the move from correlation to cause 
Friday, Oct. 12 We discussed correlations, variables, and coincidence. 
Monday, Oct. 8 False Dilemma and Common Practice 
Friday, Oct. 5 Poverty of aspect 
Wednesday, Oct. 3 We discussed egocentrism and ethnocentrism 
Monday, Oct. 1 We evaluated arguments 
Friday, Sept. 28 We analyzed Clarence Thomas' arguments 
Wednesday, Sept. 26 NO CLASS - work on your exam
Monday, Sept. 24 We finished analyzing Connerly 
Week ending Sept. 21 We analyzed the arguments in several essays.
Friday, Sept. 14 Validity distinguished from soundness 
Wednesday, Sept. 12 Discussion of disjunctive argument, hidden premises, universal claim, soundness 
Monday, Sept. 10 Definition of argument, discussion of modus tollens 
Friday, Sept. 7 Identified the conclusions defended by Michie, Flores, and Guillermo
Friday, Aug. 31 Kinds of Evidence 
Wednesday, Aug. 29 What is critical thinking?
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