Abortion Statistics - U.S.A. (Compiled by The Alan Guttmacher Institute)

About half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are “unplanned.”

About 40% of these are terminated by abortion. Aside from what women say about themselves, statistics show that income is the most important variable in determining whether a woman with an unplanned pregnancy has an abortion (lower income correlates with higher abortion raters) and how soon the abortion occurs (lower income correlates with delayed abortion).

About half of all women in the U.S. will have an “unplanned” pregnancy during her lifetime. 

One in five American women has at least one abortion during her lifetime.



·         18% of U.S. abortions are by teenagers.

·         About 7% of U.S. abortions are by teenagers who are minors.

·         The abortion rate is highest for those women aged 18 to 19.

Abortion Statistics - Decisions to Have an Abortion (U.S.) (numbers are approximate)

·         25% of women deciding to have an abortion want to postpone childbearing.

·         21% of women cannot afford a baby.

·         14% of women have a relationship issue or their partner does not want a child.

·         12% of women are too young (their parents or others object to the pregnancy.)

·         11% of women feel a child will disrupt their education or career.

·         8% of women want no (more) children.

·         3% of women have an abortion due to a risk to fetal health.

·         3% of women have an abortion due to a risk to maternal health.

Abortion Statistics - Using Contraception (U.S.)

·         54% of women having an abortion said they used some form of contraception during the month they became pregnant. However, approximately 3 in 4 women who say they are avoiding pregnancy by using contraception do not use it with strict consistency.

·         Approximately one third of women who receive abortions say that they did not believe they could become pregnant at the time they became pregnant.

·         Less than 10% of women who receive abortions were making no attempt to avoid pregnancy.

Abortion Statistics - World

    For over 60% of the world’s population, abortions are legal where they live.

The rate of abortions in the USA is approximately the same as in the rest of the world.

                             Revised June 5, 2011