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(Look down the page for specific topics)
Basic framework: Four fundamental principles 
  Unexpected consequences: dangers of texting (NY Times)
Summary of four basic moral ideas we have studied 
A Very Basic Overview of Aquinas on Natural Law 
Natural Law and Morality: a summary of key ideas 
The Bill of Rights 
A comparison of utilitarianism and Kantianism  (another prof's site)
Ethical relativism contrasted with subjectivism & absolutism  
J. S. Mill thinks some rules are best specified as individual rights 
Another professor's explanation of Mill's ideas in "On Liberty"
Shaw on ethical relativism 
An outline of ethical relativism 
Beckwith's criticism of ethical relativism 
John Stuart Mill: 
Introduction to his life and his writings (not mine)
J. S. Mill as a rule utilitarian  (Here is one of Mill's versions of it)
   Here is a longer account of rule utilitarianism (not mine)
Do infants and children have rights? (not mine)
Kant on the rights of parents & children 

Here is the ALS website that Jim Witcher was viewing 
Frequently-Asked-Questions about Physician-Assisted Suicide in Oregon (State of Oregon web site)
  Singer on euthanasia (my outline)
Rachels on active and passive euthanasia (my outline)
  Brock on euthanasia (my outline)
John Harris on "the survival lottery" (my outline)
  Foot on killing and letting die (my outline)
  What if the person is not terminally ill?
Terri Schiavo -- a right to live?
  Outdated overview of assigned material on euthanasia: White text readings (8th edition) 

Outline of Kant on Capital Punishment (my own summary)
  Does the USA ever execute the innocent? You bet! (New Yorker)
Kant on Capital Punishment (another professor's summary) 
Outline of van den Haag on Capital Punishment (my own summary)
Outline of Reiman reading (my own summary) 
Capital Punishment: Overview of the issues (not mine)
   Website (not mine) with links to many related topics & resources
How concerned should we be about executing innocent persons? (not mine)
Capital Punishment of the mentally retarded? (not mine)
Recent Executions in Texas (not mine)
Does the Bible endorse capital punishment? Many Christians think so.
John Stuart Mill supported the death penalty 

Sources of Christian Pacifism   More on the same topic
Pacifism Outline (my outline of Lackey) 
President Bush's Case for the War in Iraq: before  after  and summary 
Just War Principles (my outline) (this material parallels Brough) 
What is the doctrine of double effect? (my outline)
Michael Novak argues that the Iraq war is moral (National Review)
Daniel McCarthy responds to Novak 
The Morality of Terrorism (my outline of Khatchadourian) 
Terrorism and Pirates -- the legal parallels 
The morality of  the "War on Terrorism" (my outline of David Luban) 
The Terrorist's Tacit Message (my outline of Calhoun)
Did the administration misrepresent what we knew about Iraq? 
The recent war in Iraq: Two moral perspectives (not mine)
How do suicide bombers justify what they do? (not mine)

Statistics on Abortion 
What did Roe v. Wade establish? 
The 1974 Vatican Declaration on Abortion (Vatican website)
 OVERVIEW of the abortion debate as presented in James White textbook 
Judith Jarvis Thomson's Defense of Abortion (my own outline) 
Warren's Defense of Abortion (my own outline) 
Harman's Defense of  Abortion (my own outline) 
Judith Jarvis Thomson's Defense of Abortion (an outline by Samuel Kerstein)
Marquis' Challenge to Abortion (my own outline) 
Overview of different positions on Abortion (essay by David L. Perry)
  Selective Reduction (Washington Post article)
Cute puppies  E.T.  (not mine)

  Text of the Vatican Declaration on Sexual Ethics
Overview of Vatican Declaration on Sexual Ethics (my own outline) 
Jordan on Same-Sex Marriage (my own outline) 
  Gallagher on Same-Sex Marriage (my own outline) 
  Rauch on Same-Sex Marriage (my own summary) 
The Natural Law Position on artificial insemination 
Outline: Corvino on Homosexuality (my own summary) 
Overview of our course readings on sexual ethics  

Overview of readings on stem cell research (my outline)
What do you want to know about stem cell research? 
Cloning and stem cell research   Sources of embryos 
Cancer cells and their destruction   Image: cultured cancer cells 

Dworkin on Paternalism 
Szasz on Free Trade in Narcotics (my outline) 
Wilson on Limiting Access to Narcotics (my outline) 
  The Dea explains why we should retain our current policies (my outline)
  Shaprio on drug addiction (my outline)
  Outdated overview of White text readings on liberty and drugs (8th edition - my outline)

Aldo Leopold on the land ethic (another professor's explanation)
Aldo Leopold on the land ethic (my outline) 
John Locke on Private Property Limits (my outline)
John Locke, Property Rights, and Environmentalism (another prof's info)
  Peter Singer on speciesism & animal interests (my outline)
Does the Bible demand environmental responsibility?
Callicott defends Leopold  (my outline)
What are the environmental costs of eating meat? 
Environmental costs of eating meat (another web site)
Can water be private property? 
The case against animal rights (Ernest Partridge essay))

Peter Singer on Famine & Affluence (my outline)
  Hardin on "Lifeboat Ethics" (my outline)
  Hardin on "Lifeboat Ethics" (another person's outline)
Hospers on Libertarianism (my outline)
Aquinas on our charitable duties (my outline)
Rawls on distributive justice: a summary 
Libertarians on distributive justice: a summary 

Gun Control: What does the U.S. Constitution say?


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