Immanuel Kant

Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics





Preamble On The Peculiarities Of All Metaphysical Cognition 

First Part Of The Main Transcendental Problem: 
How Is Pure Mathematics Possible?

Second Part Of The Main Transcendental Problem: 
How Is The Science Of Nature Possible?

Third Part Of The Main Transcendental Problem: 
How Is Metaphysics In General Possible?

Conclusion: On The Determination Of The Bounds Of Pure Reason.

 Solution Of The General Question Of The Prolegomena: 
"How Is Metaphysics Possible As Science?"

Appendix: On What Can Be Done To Make Metaphysics Actual As A Science

Appendix: On A Specimen Of A Judgment Of The Critique Prior To Its Examination.

Appendix: Proposals As To An Investigation Of The Critique Upon Which A Judgment May Follow


   A Note on the Text

This work was originally published in 1783. It was translated into English by Paul Carus in 1902. The text posted here is based on the Carus translation. Spelling has been modernized and it incorporates numerous revisions to the Carus translation, combining revisions independently made by James W. Ellington (1977) and James Fieser (1997). The Carus translation is in the public domain and may be freely reproduced.

Section numbering was included in the original text.

The page numbers to the left of the text refer to the standard edition of the German text of the Prolegomena (the Akademie edition, vol. IV, Berlin, 1911).

Minor footnotes have been incorporated into the text. Longer footnotes (including Kant's original notes) are placed at the end of the appropriate unit of text.