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This course is online for Fall 2016. If you need a syllabus, email me.

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(relevance depends on this term's readings)
  Central vs. common features of professions -- Outline of Bayles first essay
Professionals are too amoral -- outline of Wasserstrom
  Kinds of professional-client relationships
-- Outline of Bayles second essay

-- Outline of Faber essay
  Standing for Something -- Outline of Calhoun essay
  Advocacy in higher education -- Outline of Kupperman essay
  Conscientious Refusal -- Outline of Davis essay
  Conscientious Refusal -- Cantor and Baum essay
  Informed Consent -- Meisel and Kuczewski essay
  Duty to disclose -- Robinson
  Truth & Lies & Deception -- Ellin Outline
  Lying & Deception -- Stein Outline
  Confidentiality of client information -- Outline of Armstrong essay  
  Whistleblowing -- Outline of Davis
Confidentiality and Secrets -- Bok Outline
  Justice = Fairness   --  Rawls Outline
Conflicts of Interest -- Outline of McGinn essay
The separatist thesis -- Outline of Smith essay   
Autonomy and empowerment -- Outline of Kupfer & Klatt essay  
What is autonomy? -- Outline of Taylor essay
Should professionals violate confidentiality? -- Outline of Cohen essay
The function of compulsory education -- Outline of Gutmann essay
Fundamental needs vs. desires -- Outline of Alexandra and Miller essay
"Problem" clients -- Outline of Andre essay  
Employment at will -- Werhane and Radin essay 
Professionals & "private" life -- Lippke essay
   Affirmative Action -- Outline of Shaw essay
 Sexual harrasement -- Outline of Schultz essay
Basic framework: Four fundamental principles 
My outline: Ought Implies Can 
  The Tarasoff Ruling
Federal Laws concerning job discrimination (gov't website)
Text of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (gov't website)
What's our responsibility for harmful consequences? 
Fall 2011 Syllabus  Summer 2013 Syllabus
Summer 2015 Syllabus
SYLLABUS Spring 2016

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(University of San Diego)
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J. S. Mill advocates hedonistic rule consequentialism 
A basic comparison of utilitarianism and Kantianism  
John Stuart Mill: 
Introduction to his life and his writings 
J. S. Mill as a rule utilitarian  Online Mill reading 
J. S. Mill advocates hedonistic rule consequentialism 
Natural law as the basis for morality   and a summary of key ideas 

John Rawls on Justice   

 Breach of confidentiality in drug testing (NY Times)

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