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MSU Moorhead. Livingston Lord Library.

Technical Services Dept.
Codes, manuals, and profiles

* Acquisitions budget codes

* Bibliographic formats and standards. 3rd ed.
   (field 007 table)

* Cataloger's Reference Shelf

* CMC call numbers for texts & bulletins

* LC Cutters (including artist's table & biography table)

* LC outline

* Locations and Item Classes

* Media codes

* Multi-part items (entering data on PALStac)

* OCLC's Librarian's Toolbox

* OCLC Products and Services (software upgrade site)

* Searching PalsTac commands

* Statistics classes for item records

* Type/format definitions for MnPals

* Typographical errors list

* URL's to work with our catalog

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Maintained by Jean Kramer, Technical Services Librarian
Last Updated : Jan. 2, 2006

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