Sp 100 Course Page for Tim Loatman

TEXT:  The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen Lucas

PURPOSE:  To bring a familiarity of public speaking to students while facilitating skills in delivery, organization, and communication.


 1.  Diagnostic Speech:  an non-graded speech of 2-3 min.  Topic is at the instructor’s discretion.
 2.  Informative Speech: a 5-7 min. speech informative in nature.
 3.  Problem Speech: a persuasive speech 6-8 min. on a socially relevant problem.
 4.  Policy Speech:  a logical solution to the problem 8-10 min. in length.
 5.  Special Occasion Speech:  a speech 4-5 min. in length on a special topic.
 6.  Midterm examination
 7.  Final examination


 POLICY  25%
 FINAL   15%

 Class participation will be noted.  Make certain that you are able to speak on the day you choose.  If special circumstances  occur,  see the instructor BEFORE the speaking date.  Of course I can be flexible when dealing with unique situations.


Most speeches in this class will require a noteworthy amount of evidence.  One of the most common questions that students have is "how do I get this research".

Need some help with research?  Try these avenues:

WEB PALS at the Livingston Lord Library is the electronic card catalog that keeps all the books, periodicals, and documents on file.  This is a VERY effective tool because some of the files have complete texts online, and those that don't you can get quite easily on campus.  Try this first BEFORE going on to the World Wide Web.  If you've exhausted all of the resourses at WEB PALS, move on to one of the several search engines on the internet such as:

Infoseek (my personal favorite)
Alta Vista Search

If you're still haveing trouble finding information on certain topics, let me know and we can set up a time where I can help you.  Remember, it's impossible to have a good speech without good research.

Students who are interested in the schedule of events for this class can check out the Syllabus.