Christine P. Malone, Ph.D.        

              Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology

                Minnesota State University Moorhead

                1104 Seventh Avenue South

                Moorhead, MN 56563

                Phone: (218) 477-2804

                Fax:  (218) 477-2602


                Office: 360G Bridges Hall 

               Fall 19 Office Hours: M W 10-Noon, T Th 10-1


Fall 2019

  ·  Psy 330--Experimental Methods   (and D2L Brightspace)

   ·  Psy 633--Statistics/Methods for School Psychologists (and D2L Brightspace)


Spring 2019

· Psy 230--Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (with lab)


Fall 2018

    ·  Psy 430--Advanced Experimental Psychology


   ·  Psy 633--Statistics/Methods for School Psychologists 

Research Interests

I have two main areas of interest--spoken word recognition and human memory.


Most of my research in spoken word recognition addresses the processes taking place during the early stages of recognition. My current work investigates the role that sound information plays in automatic processes such as activating a pool of potential candidates and then selecting the best word. Most models of spoken word recognition involve activation of the target word, as well as other closely related words. Determining the relationships and connections affecting spreading activation is essential for modeling the recognition system and also supplies clues to how semantic knowledge is organized in memory.


I am also interested in various factors affecting memory performance, particularly false recognitions (i.e., identifying a “new” word as “old”). How do semantic, phonological, and order relationships among the study and test words influence false recognitions? Also, how can auditory and visual information be presented for optimal memory performance of complex tasks?  Answers to these questions have various implications for theories of memory and knowledge, as well as for applied situations (e.g., air traffic control displays).

MSUM Psychology Department



Stimulus Learning

Psy 342


Old Psy 230

Psy 330

Psy 113 list

Ethical Considerations

Old Psy 430


1104 7th Ave S.
Moorhead, MN 56563
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