A partial Classification of Chromatographic Techniques:

By state of phases and mechanism
mobile phase stationary phase acronym mechanism
gas solid GSC adsorption chromatography
liquid GC(GLC) partition chromatography
liquid solid LSC adsorption chromatography
liquid LC(LLC) partition chromatography
liquid CE electromigration

By the polarity of phases
stationary phase mobile phase
normal phase chromatography more polar less polar LC
reverse phase chromatography less polar more polar LC

By geometry of the separation region
Planar chromatography 2-dimensional
Column chromatography 1-dimensional (tubular)

By experimental parameter variation over separation period
Isothermal column temperature held constant GC
Temperature programmed column temperature changed systematically GC
Isocratic solvent (mobile phase) composition held constant LC
Solvent programmed solvent (mobile phase) composition changed systematically LC

By column dimension:
Packed Column Capillary Column (Open tubular)
~mm i.d.; 0.5 - 3m length; solid inert support 'holds' stationary phase and fills the column 100-700 um i.d.; 10 - 60m length; open tubing, tubing wall 'holds' the stationary phase
SCOT support coated open tubular
Megabore Column PLOT porous layer open tubular
wider capillary columns WCOT wall coated open tubular

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