Common GC Detector Characteristics:

Name Type Selectivity to analytes Detection Limits LDR Analyte fate Responds to
FID selective ionized in air/H2 5pg C/s 7 des. mass
TCD universal different thermal conductivity than carrier 400pg/ml carrier 6 non-des. conc.
ECD selective electrophores 0.1pg /s var. 4 des. conc.
PID selective UV ionizables 2pg C/s 7 non-des. conc.
Thermionic selective N, P, hetero 0.4pg N,0.2pg P/s 4 des. mass
ELCD selective X, N, S .5pgX,2pgS,4pgN/s 6,4,4 des. mass
FPD selective P, S 20pgS, .9pgP/s 3,4 des. mass
FTIR universal any 1000pg 3 non-des. conc.
MSD universal any, tunable 10pg-10ng var. 5 des. mass
AED universal elements, tunable 0.1-20 pg/s 4 des. mass

LDR: Digits given are the ranges in orders of magnitide; Destructive = des; Nondestructive = non des.

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