Daniel C. McEwen
Biosciences Department
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Moorhead, Minnesota 56563
Email: mcewenda@mnstate.edu
Phone: 218-477-5003
Fax: 218-477-2018

Office: Hagen 407 O
Lab: Hagen 408

Current Position

Assistant Professor, Biosciences Department
Minnesota State University Moorhead


B.A. Biology (summa cum laude), Minnesota State University Moorhead, 2002
Ph.D. Zoology, North Dakota State University, 2008


Spring 2014
Quantitative Biology (BIOL 275)
Tropical Biology (BIOL 335)
Research Design (BIOL 478)
Independent Research (BIOL 497)
Fall 2014
Organismal Biology (BIOL 115L)
Principles of Ecology (BIOL 345)
Aquatic Biology (BIOL 372)
Independent Research (BIOL 497)

Research Interests

I am an aquatic ecologist interested in how benthic (i.e., bottom dwelling) macroinvertebrate communities drive ecosystem processes of lentic (i.e., still water = wetlands, ponds, reservoirs and lakes) ecosystems.  Benthic macroinvertebrates include worms, leeches, crustaceans, snails, clams, and the larvae of many insects, which live the majority of their lives under water only to emerge for a short time mate and lay eggs to repeat the process (e.g., mayflies, stoneflies, midges, dragonflies, damselflies, and etc.).  These organisms play a central role in transferring energy and nutrients from primary producers (e.g., algae, cyanobacteria, and plants) to higher food web members like fish, birds, and reptiles.  I am particularly interested in understanding how temperature influences ecological rates important in predator-prey relationships.  The two major systems I have been working on recently include arctic tundra ponds in northern Alaska and large lakes in northern Minnesota. An additional interest I have is thinking about the philosophy of science and methodology of experimental design along with the quantitative methods used to analyze scientific studies.  This latter interest has allowed me to take part in studies in a broad array of systems.

**Students interested in participating in research activities in my lab should schedule a time to meet with me and/or fill out the general application available in the main office for the Biosciences Department on the first floor of Hagen Hall. To get a sense of what students have been doing in my lab recently please click here to see a listing of recent products they have developed.


Publications (last 5 years):

Wisenden, B.D., Stumbo, A.D., Self, P.A., Snekser, J.L., McEwen, D.C., Wisenden, P.A., Miles H. A., Keenleyside, M.H.A., Itzkowitz, M., and E. Brisch. 2014. Co-evolution of offspring antipredator competence and parental brood defense in convict cichlids. Hydrobiologia, in press.    

Holley, E.D., Ludwig K.J., McEwen, D.C., and B.D. Wisenden, B.D. 2014. Predictability of food supply, but not ration, increases exploratory behaviour. Journal of Fish Biology, in press.

Wisenden, B.D., Martinez-Marquez, J.Y., Gracia, E.S., and D.C. McEwen. 2012. High intensity and prevalence of two species of Trematode metacercariae in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) with no compromise of minnow antipredator competence. Journal of Parasitology 98:722-727.  

Weaver, R.E., McEwen, D.C., and W.H. Clark. 2012. Prey chemical discrimination by the Desert Nightsnake (Hypsiglena chlorophaea): a comparison of invertebrate and vertebrate prey. Journal of Herpetology 46:523-526.

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Lougheed, V.L., Butler, M.G., McEwen, D.C., and J. Hobbie. 2011. Re-visiting “The Limnology of Tundra Ponds”: Re-sampling historic sites to track global climate change in Arctic aquatic ecosystems. Ambio 40:589-599.

Weaver, R.E., Bauer, B.A., Weaver, K.S., McEwen, D.C., and W.H. Clark. 2010. Diet and Foraging Behavior of the Terrestrial Gartersnake (Thamnophis elegans) along a Stream within the Shrub-Steppe of Central Washington State. Northwestern Naturalist 91:309-317.

McEwen, D.C., and M.G. Butler. 2010. The effects of water-level manipulation on the benthic invertebrates of a managed reservoir. Freshwater Biology 55:1086-1101.

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