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            TOCAR evolved out of the community-wide study circle process that took place in the Spring of 2001 in response to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Report, "The Status of Equal Opportunity for Minorities in Moorhead, Minnesota."  From the study circle process emerged Citizen Action Teams, one of which focused on Higher Education.  This Higher Education Team decided that its focus would be the development of a multi-campus anti-racism initiative and one of its student members named this initiative TOCAR.  The team, now the TOCAR Collaborative, consists of faculty, student, and staff representatives from Minnesota State University Moorhead, Concordia College, North Dakota State University and Northwest Technical College.

Mission Statement

TOCAR seeks to enhance campus climate and promote equal opportunity by 1) advancing multicultural understanding and competence and 2) confronting ethnic/racial prejudice and discrimination and institutional racism.

Goal:  To dismantle institutional racism and make our colleges and universities multicultural/anti-racist organizations through an intentional process of personal and institutional reflection and actions.

Summary of TOCAR Work Plan  -- Year 1

            Phase I:

1.  Recruit campus representatives to TOCAR Collaborative and build campus support for the Collaborative (Summer/Fall 2001)

2.  Acquire administrative sanction of and resources for TOCAR (Summer/Fall 2001)

3.  Schedule and implement introductory-level (Level 1) anti-racism trainings on each campus (By April 2002)

4.  TOCAR Collaborative -- members only -- introductory-level anti-racism training.  (10-12 TOCAR Collaborative members from each campus.  November 15-16)

Phase II:  Development of campus-specific multicultural/anti-racism teams (Spring 2002)

Phase III:  Institutional racism training (Level 2) for multicultural/anti-racism teams from all four campuses (May or June 2002)

Phase IV:  Development of campus-specific multicultural/anti-racism plans (Summer, Fall 2002)

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