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 5/8/03 TOCAR Minutes

Jackson/Hardiman MCOD

  • Oppression is systemic & entrenched
  • “Individual development” and/or “valuing-the-differences” will not create transformative change
  • Creating multicultural organizations requires maximizing benefits of diversity and addressing oppression.


MCARI/Crossroads Building an AR/MC Institution


  • Racism is the misuse of systematic power to privilege whites and to disadvantage people of color
  • Dismantling racism involves calling an institution into an accountability relationship to people of color.  It is building within institutions, structures of authority and accountability that have never been there before. 


Process for Org. Dev./ Transformative Change


  • Create MC Internal Change Team

Phase 1 – Support Building Phase

Phase 2 – Leadership Development Phase

Phase 3 – Systems Change Phase units within organization work to create change through assessment, plan development, plan implementation, evaluation



       Phase 1 – Planning Design Task Force

       Phase 2 – Team Formation, Development and Institutional Analysis (team develops anti-racist identity as Step 1 in this phase)

        Phase 3 – Strategy & Skill Development for anti-racism education and organizing in the institution.


Process Tools

  • Definition of Racism
  • Analysis of Power Levels of Racism (p1, p2, p3)
  • “Levels of Institutional Racism Worksheet”
  • Power Analysis Worksheets
  • Organization Development Continuum
  • Assessment Information (History, Surveys, etc.)
  • Community Development/Building Approach


MSUM Anti-Racism Team Structure
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