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TOCAR Collaborative Minutes

Tuesday, December 9, 2004

NDSU Meadow Lark Room


Present:  Concordia – Johnathan Judd, Jim Postema, Richard Chapman; NDSU – Sandra Holbrook, Laura Oster-Aaland, Jen Erickson, Tegan Henke, Paul Boswell; MSUM – Amy Phillips, Phyllis May-Machunda, Anita Bender


I.                   Introductions:  Everyone introduced themselves.


II.                Upcoming Meetings: 

·        1/13 – MSUM at CMU 227

·        2/10 – Concordia

·        3/9 – YWCA

·        4/13 – NDSU at University Chamber Room

·        5/11 - MSUM

III.             Organizational Updates:

NDSUAdministration of student and staff/faculty surveys are coming to a close.  Have gotten a 40% return on staff/faculty surveys and a 20% return on student surveys.  NDSU hosted a level I training on November 20th.

YWCALeadership has decided that the organization is not ready for the Level III training but they still want to be a part of the Collaborative.  The YWCA will be working with the SEED program in hopes of bringing the staff and Board together.

MSUM – Also finishing up the student and staff/faculty survey.  The Team is continuing to meet monthly and 3 out of the 4 subgroups are beginning to meet regularly. 

Concordia – Completed the faculty/staff survey last academic year (53% participation) but are still talking about implementation of the student survey.  Concordia hopes to administer it in the spring semester.  The Community Relations Committee is studying the findings from the staff/faculty survey. 

NDUS – Paul reported that the NDUS Diversity Council will officially announce a plan to present anti-racism trainings throughout the university system as well as the five tribal colleges during the MCARI Roll-Out event at the Four Seasons Best Western in Mandan, ND, on Friday, January 23rd.  The event is open to anyone who wishes to attend.  Amy will put out an announcement of the event on the Collaborative List Serve when Paul sends her the information.


IV.              Collaborative Membership and Relationships:  Centro Cultural and White Earth have decided to join the Collaborative.  Mujeres Unidas attended the last Collaborative meeting but has not yet decided.  The group suggested that the Refugee Women’s Network be contacted about joining the Collaborative.  Phyllis will contact them. 

Trainings – It was suggested that the Collaborative host a Level I training in the spring for new organizations.  Group will revisit this suggestion at the next meeting.  White Earth will be hosting Level I trainings on March 8th and 9th.  NDSU would like to host a Level I training in March in conjunction with other campuses in order to share the traveling costs of MCARI.  MCARI suggested March 22, 23, and 24th as potential training dates.  NDSU has chosen March 23rdAmy and Phyllis will follow up with other campuses and organizations for the 22 and 24th dates. 


V.                 Analysis and Public Discussion of Survey:  Groups discussed questions about what kind of analysis of the data each of the campuses need to do as well as what kind of public conversation about the data should take place. 


·        Each organization needs to put together an initial report on the surveying process and a summary of the methods used in the delivery of the survey for Amy and Phyllis by the end of December.  This will be included in the year-end report for the Bremer Foundation.

·        Group decided that the initial analysis of data should include:

-   How many participated in the survey – sample size

-   Demographics of who participated

-   A rough tabulation of survey questions

-   Significant differences in the responses

-   Highlights from the raw data.

·        Group asked that the Assessment Committee meet to talk about any further analysis that they think should be done.  Amy and Phyllis will talk to Deb White about scheduling a meeting in December or early January.

Public Discussion – Group discussed ideas around how to publicize the work of the Collaborative and the findings from the survey.  One idea is to schedule community/campus meetings, “Campus Conversations,” on each of the campuses to discuss the findings and what they mean during the same week in March or April.  The group decided that the “Campus Conversations” should take place before the April 13th Collaborative meeting to be followed by a joint Press Conference.  Discussion about the “Campus Conversations” and a joint press conference will be discussed at upcoming Collaborative meetings.


VI.              Preparation for Level III Training:  Group was given a Handout (see attached) outlining the Team work that needs to be done on each campus over the next month in preparation for the Level III training, Jan. 29-31 and Feb. 5-7.  Group had general discussion about the outline, any questions they had, and shared ideas about the work that needed to be done.


Next Collaborative Meeting will be January 13, 4-5:30pm at MSUM – CMU 227


Submitted by,

Anita Bender

October 8, 2002 Minutes
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