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“Congratulations to all of you. It’s your time to shine!”

The North Central Association’s Higher Learning Commission team has completed its visit to MSU Moorhead and Dr. Robert S.P. Yien liked what he saw.

Dr. Yien chaired the group of six university faculty and administrators that will make its recommendation to the Higher Learning Commission, a division of the North Central Association (NCA). The NCA is the accrediting agency for higher education institutions in a 19-state region that includes MSUM. Reaccreditation visits for campuses that fully meet criteria are conducted every ten years.

The evaluation team provided an exit interview at the end of their three-day visit and it was very good news for MSUM. The team determined that all five criteria for reaccreditation have been met. The Higher Learning Commission will review the team’s findings and file a final report, which is anticipated in June.

“We are delighted with the team’s careful review of our campus,” said President Roland Barden. “We respect the consultation and evaluation process that underscores the value of our diploma. The findings of the evaluation team applaud ten years of hard work across the campus to address concerned raised in the last visit and are a great affirmation of the two years of work by the members of the self-study steering committee preparing for reaccreditation and the more than 60 faculty, staff, administrators and students who comprised the planning and preparation groups.”

Judy Strong, co-chair of the self-study steering committee seconded President Barden’s reaction: “We are absolutely delighted.”

Co-Chair Deb White said “It’s the culmination of ten years of great work by people at this institution.”

“Our Time to Shine” was the campus slogan for the reaccreditation visit, and in today’s edition of /The Forum/, reporter Amy Dalrymple wrote: “…‘Our Time to Shine,’ is fitting, said Robert Yien, chairman of the six-member team. ‘This is a dynamic place,’ said Yien, vice president for academic affairs at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. ‘We are very impressed.’”


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