Books in the Many Voices Project

#124 The Muse of Ocean Parkway and Other Stories (Jacob Lampart) - Fall 2011

#123 Hotel Utopia (Robert Miltner) - Fall 2011

#122 Kinesthesia (Stephanie N. Johnson) - Fall 2010

#121 Birds of Wisconsin (B.J. Best) - Fall 2010

#120 At Home Anywhere (Mary Hoffman) - Fall 2010

#119 Friend Among Stones: Poems (Maya Pindyck) - Fall 2009

#118 Fallibility: Poems (Elizabeth Oness) - Fall 2009

#117 When Love Was Clean Underwear: Novel (Susan Barr-Toman) - Fall 2009

#116 The Sound of It: Poems (Tim Nolan)

#115 Hollow Out: Poems (Kelsea Habecker)

#114 Bend from the Knees: Stories (Benjamin Drevlow)

#113 The Tender, Wild Things: Poems (Diane Jarvenpa)

#112 Signaling for Rescue: Stories (Marianne Herrmann)

#111 Cars Go Fast: Stories (John Chattin)

#110 Terrain Tracks: Poems (Purvi Shah)

#109 Numerology and Other Stories (Christian Michener)

#108 Not a Matter of Love: Stories (Beth Alvarado)

#107 Real Karaoke People: Poems (E. Bok Lee)

#106 Love in An Expanding Universe: Stories (Ron Rindo)

#105 Second Language: Stories (Ronna Wineberg)

#104 Landing Zones: Stories (Edward Micus)

#103 The Volunteer: Poems (Candace Black)

#102 Nice Girls and Other Stories (Cezarija Abartis)

#101 Paper Boat: Poems (Cullen Bailey Burns)

#99 Mozart's Carriage: Poems (Daniel Bachhuber)

#98 The Pact: A Novel (Walter Roers)

#97 Alone with the Owl: Stories (Alan Davis)

#96 Rafting on the Water Table: Poems (Susan Steger Welsh)

#95 Woman Lake: Poems (Richard Broderick)

#94 The Record Player and Other Stories (Winifred Moranville)

#93 Casting Lines: Poems (Orval Lund)

#92 Dakota Incarnate: A Collection of Short Stories (Bill McDonald)

#91 Vendettas, Charms, and Prayers : Poems (Pamela Gemin)

#90 An Alchemy in the Bones: Poems (William Reichard)

#89 Music of the Inner Lakes: Stories (Roger Sheffer)

#88 The Fragile Peace You Keep: Poems (Kel Munger)

#87 The Dirty Shame Hotel: and Other Stories (Ron Block)

#85 Sermon on a Perfect Spring Day (Philip Bryant)

#84 Rootbound (Jeanne Emmons)

#83 Bonfire (Connie Wanek)

#82 Laudromat Blues (Lupe Solis)

#81 The Natural Father (Robert Lacy)

#80 Self Storage (Mary Helen Stefaniak)

#79 Fishing for Myth (Heid E. Erdrich)

#78 Sustenance (Aaron Anstett)

#77 On the Road to Patsy Cline (John Reinhard)

#76 Remembering China 1935-1945 (Bea Lui)

#75 The Dance Hall at Spring Hill (Duke Klassen)

#74 Divining the Landscape (Diane Jarvenpa)

#73 To Collect the Flesh (Greg Hewett)

#72 Heathens (David Haynes)

#71 Secrets Men Keep (Ron Rindo)

#70 Everything's a Verb (Debra Marquart)

#69 Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers (Ann Lundberg Grunke)

#68 What They Always Were (Norita Dittberner-Jax)

#67 Coming Up for Light and Air (Barbara Crow)

#66 Mal D'Afrique (Jarda Cervenka)

#65 Aerial Studies (Sandra Adelmund Witt)

#64 The Peace Terrorist (Carol Masters)

#63 Thin Ice and Other Risks (Gary Eller)

#62 Falling in Love at the End of the World (Rick Christman)

#61 This House Is Filled With Cracks (Madelyn Camrud)

#60 Handmade Paper (Patricia Barone)

#59 Under the Influence of Blackbirds (Sharon Van Sluys)

#58 Jump Rope Queen (Karen Loeb)

#57 Wolves (Jim Johnson)

#56 The Second Thing I Remember (Judith Hougen)

#55 Right by My Side (David Haynes) This title is out of print

#54 Rumors From the Lost World (Alan Davis)

#53 Edith Jacobson Begins to Fly (Patricia Zontelli)

#52 Learning to Dance & Other Stories (Sharon Oard Warner)

#51 Mykonos: A Memoir (Nancy Raeburn) This title is out of print

#50 Billy Brazil (Emilio DeGrazia) This title is out of print

#49 House Fire: A Collection of Poems (B.J. Buhrow)

#48 From the Lanai & Other Hawaii Stories (Jessica K. Saiki)

#47 Pictures of Three Seasons (Gail Rixen)

#46 Pieces from the Long Afternoon (Monica Ochtrup)

#45 Primary Colors (Barbara Croft)

#44 But I Won't Go Out in a Boat (Sharon Chmielarz)

#43 No Peace at Versailles and Other Stories (Nina Barragan)

#42 Borrowed Voices (Roger Sheffer)

#41 This Body She's Entered (Mary K. Rummel)

#40 Suburban Metaphysics (Ron Rindo)

#39 Out Far, In Deep (Alvin Handelman)

#38 Dismal River (Ronald Block)

#37 Turning Out the Lights (Sigrid Bergie)

#36 The Transparency of Skin (Catherine Stearns) This title is out of print

#35 Burning the Prairie (John Reinhard)

#34 Last Summer (Davida Kilgore) This title is out of print

#33 The High Price of Everything (Kathleen Coskran)

#32 Storm Lines (Warren Woessner) This title is out of print

#31 Dying Old and Dying Young (Susan Williams)

#30 Once, A Lotus Garden (Jessica Saiki) This title is out of print

#29 Holidays (Lisa Ruffolo) This title is out of print

#28 The Wind (Patricia Barone)

#27 All Manner of Monks (Benet Tvedten) This title is out of print

#26 Flash Paper (Theresa Pappas) This title is out of print

#25 Tap Dancing for Big Mom (Roseann Lloyd)

#24 Twelve Below Zero (Anthony Bukoski) This title is out of print

#23 Locomotion (Elizabeth Evans) This title is out of print

#22 What I Cannot Say/I Will Say (Monica Ochtrup)

#21 Descent of Heaven Over the Lake (Sheryl Noethe) This title is out of print

#20 Matty's Heart (C.J. Hribal) This title is out of print

#19 Stars Above, Stars Below (Margaret Hasse) This title is out of print

#18 Golf Ball Diver (Neal Bowers) This title is out of print

#17 The Weird Kid (Mark Vinz) This title is out of print

#16 Morning Windows (Michael Moos) This title is out of print

#15 Powers (Marisha Chamberlain) This title is out of print

#14 Suspicious Origins (Perry Glasser) This title is out of print

#13 Blenheim Palace (Wendy Parrish) This title is out of print

#12 Rivers, Stories, Houses, Dreams (Madelon Sprengnether)

#11 We'll Come When It Rains (Yvette Nelson) This title is out of print

#10 Different Arrangements (Sharon Chmielarz)

#9 Casualties (Katherine Carlson)

#8 Night Sale (Richard Broderick)

#7 When I Was a Father (Alvaro Carona-Hine) This title is out of print

#6 Changing the Past (Laurie Taylor) This title is out of print

#5 I Live in the Watchmaker's Town (Ruth Roston) This title is out of print

#4 Normal Heart (Madelon Gohlke) This title is out of print

#3 Heron Dancer (John Solensten)

#2 The Reconstruction of Light (John Minczeski) This title is out of print

#1 Household Wounds (Deborah Keenan) This title is out of print




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New Rivers Press was founded in 1968 by C. W. "Bill" Truesdale and has published more than 340 titles. In 2001, after Truesdale's death, Alan Davis and Wayne Gudmundson were instrumental in reviving and relocating it to MSUM, where its dual mission is to publish literary work of every character, with an emphasis on new and emerging writers, and to provide learning opportunities, including a Certificate in Publishing, for students in partnership with MSUM. The press honors Truesdale's progressive spirit by publishing work with a strong sense of place that speaks to our troubled times with satyagraha (the truthforce), empathy, and aesthetic courage.

New Books October 2011

The Animals Beyond Us, poems
Michael Hettich

"His poems are finely observed, precisely felt, and they bring magic to the domestic life, the real magic of language that has power to transform a world." ~John Dufresne, author

Dissolve, poems
Holaday Mason

"I love Mason's instructive intensity and will, her grace and ability to translate desire into something scary yet gorgeous." ~David Dodd Lee, author

Downriver People, fiction
Bea Exner Liu

"Americans should read, and ponder, this humane memoir of an American life in a China now massively, but not unrecognizably, transformed."
~Robert A. Knapp

Girl Held in Home, fiction
Elizabeth Searle

"...Elizabeth Searle uses her signature zany brilliance to turn suburbia, adultery, parenting, politics, and even terrorism into something new and insightful." ~Ann Hood, author

Hotel Utopia, poems
Robert Miltner

"[This] is a book of angles. These poems come from one bend in the mind, then another, from one tilt in the heart, then another. Whether the content is personal, mystical, or political, the voice is deliciously agile." ~Tim Seibles, author

The Muse of Ocean Parkway and Other Stories
, short story collection
Jacob Lampart

"Not since
The Magic Barrel have I read a short story collection that delivers such lacerating wit and tempered realism." ~C. Michael Curtis, editor

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