BSN Scholarships

BSN Scholarships Available Through the Funding of the MSUM Alumni Foundation and facilitated through the MSUM Nursing Scholarship Committee

MSUM Nursing Scholarships - Deadline: February 1, 2014

Application for all is completed with the provided on-line application.

  • Antoinette Eliason Memorial Scholarship - This award is made available through MSUM past President and Mrs. Barden, in memory of Mrs. Barden’s mother.  Award selection is based on applicant need.
  • Arty Heald Memorial Scholarship - Arthur (Arty) John Pedro Heald was the son of nursing professor Donna Heald Clark, who died at age 30 of a rare form of kidney cancer. Throughout his 20 month battle with the disease, Arty exemplified the heroism of those who are diagnosed with a serious illness. He never lost courage or spirit. This need based scholarship provides financial support for baccalaureate nursing students as they further their knowledge to provide the most competent and compassionate care for heroes like Arty.
  • Dakota Medical Foundation Scholarship - This ward is made available through a matching grant with the Dakota Medical Foundation. Award selection is based on applicant merit and need, and requires residence or employment within the DMF service area.
  • Leroy Justesen Family Scholarship - This scholarship is provided by the Justesen family and selection is based on academic achievement, as well as scholarship qualification.
  • MeritCare Oswald Ronice Scholarship - This award is made available through the Oswald Ronice family.  Scholarship selection is based on scholarship, merit, extra-curricular activity and need.
  • MSUM Nursing Program Scholarships - This award is made available through gifts provided to MSUM and designated for nursing education. The recipient selection is based on academic achievement, professional goals and financial need.

Other Scholarship, Grant, Loan, Reimbursement and Career Information
The application forms for the Upper-class Scholarship and Upper-class Minority Scholarship are available through the Financial Aid web site. One faculty recommendation is needed, along with the application and required essay. MSUM Financial Aid Office: Owens Hall 107 or call 218.477.2251.

Candi Walsh APNA MN Chapter Nursing Scholarship

Brain Track Scholarship

Marcella Arnold Nursing Scholarship

Hazing Awareness Scholarship

Sue Fischer Scholarship

Tri-County Hospital Foundation 

Army Nurse Corps Association

Non-MSUM Scholarship Opportunities for Study Abroad




American Cancer Society Scholarships in Cancer Nursing
To support the training of advanced practice nurses and nurse scientists, the American Cancer Society offers scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 per year. Students pursuing a master’s degree in cancer nursing or a doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) or a research doctorate (PhD, DSN, etc.) are eligible to apply.
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Minnesota Nurses Association Foundation

Minnesota Nurses Association Foundation scholarship criteria and application forms are available on the MNA web site at

Research grant criteria and application forms are also available on the MNA web site at