Chapter Three
Transformational Geometry
Geometry is the study of those properties of a set which are preserved under a group of transformations on that set.
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Section 3.1 -
        Introduction      (Exercise 3.1)
        Historical Overview

Section 3.2 -
        Preliminary Definitions of a Transformation     (Exercises 3.23.5)
        Model - An Analytic Model for the Euclidean Plane     (Exercises 3.63.18)
        Model - Affine Transformation of the Euclidean Plane    (Exercises 3.193.23)

Section 3.3 -
        Isometry      (Exercises 3.243.34)
        Model - Collinearity for the Analytic Euclidean Plane    (Exercises 3.353.36)
        Model - Isometry for the Analytic Euclidean Plane    (Exercises 3.373.45)

Section 3.4 -
Translation and Rotation   (Exercises 3.463.56)
        Model - Translation and Rotation for the Analytic Euclidean Plane   (Exercises 3.573.66)

Section 3.5 -
Reflection and Glide Reflection   (Exercises 3.673.79)
        Model - Reflection for the Analytic Euclidean Plane   (Exercises 3.803.85)

Section 3.6 - 
        Similarity Transformations   (Exercises 3.863.102)
        Model - Similarity Transformation for the Analytic Euclidean Plane   (Exercises 3.1033.107)

Section 3.7 - Model - Other Affine Transformations of the Euclidean Plane   (Exercises 3.1083.110)

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