Psychology Department

Accomplishments for Academic Year 2009-2010


Dr Margaret Potter: At the 2010 Minnesota School Psychology Association's Mid-Winter Conference (January 21-22) Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Potter received the Ysseldyke B. P. Award.  This award recognizes professionals whose principles, standards, and dedication have enhanced the field of School Psychology. Dr. Potter received the award for her services as a trainer of over 150 future school psychologists over the course of 23 years.

Dr Olivia Melroe:

Dr. Melroe received the Diversity Ambassador Award by the MSUM Student Senate in recognition of her work in numerous diversity task forces, including the Tri-College Pow-Wow, and Daughters of the Earth.


Dr Elizabeth Nawrot:

Dr. Nawrot received a research grant from the National Institutes of Health in order to continue her investigation of The Development of Depth Perception from Motion Parallax in Human Infants. This is an National Institutes of Health R15 grant for $150,000 over three years (Elizabeth Nawrot, Principal Investigator).

The 24th Annual Red River Psychology Conference (March 25-26)

The following students and faculty presented work (student names are in bold)

Jadi Englels: Do men really know what women want? Exploring muscularity in male's perceptions of the ideal body.

Magdalene Chalikia, Luke Berglund, & Natasha Maw: Evaluating voices in different languages.

Kaitryn J. Jacobs, Breanne Anderson, Nicole LePrince, & Tiffany Richards: Infants' perception of depth from motion parallax.

Rochelle Bergstrom & Marsha Wichmann: Mate attraction: How attractive are single fathers?

Dylan O' Brien, Robert Olson, & Derek Page: Relations among ratings of artistic quality, emotional intensity, and eroticism.

Robert Olson, Derek Page, & Dylan O' Brien: Evaluation of Art.

Derek Page, Dylan O' Brien, & Robert Olson: Relations among ratings of artistic quality, beauty, and liking.

2010 Student Academic Conference

The following students presented work at this conference:

Ethan Dahl, and Casey Lloyed: The effect of music on helping behavior in Second Life: An Exploration of Inter-reality.

Marsha Wichmann: How attractive are single fathers?

Luke Berglund, and Natasha Maw: Evaluating Voices in Different Languages.

Sara Heimdahl, Tara Hanson, Sarah Peterson, Jessica Remhof, Lyndsey Roy & Lisa H. Stewart: Effects of vocabulary enrichment in repeated read-alouds on preschoolers' vocabulary knowledge: A preliminary analysis.

Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference (April 24)

Derek Page: Relations among ratings of aratistic quality, beauty, and liking.

Dylan O' Brien: Relations among ratings of emitional intensity and eroticism.

Luke Berglund & Natasha Maw: Evaluating voices in different languages.

Robert Olson: The color of smells.

Nakisa Khosnevis: Relationships between cyberbulling experiences, socioemotional outcomes, and other forms of aggression: A survey of college students.

Robert Olson: Evaluation of Art.