Psychology Department

Accomplishments for Academic Year 2002-2003

Gary Nickell, along with undergraduate student Katie Pederson and
alumnus Cassie Rossow has had a paper titled "The Birthdate Effect: An
Extension of the Mere Ownership Effect" published in the journal
Psychological Reports, 2003, volume 92, pages 161-163.

Dr. Dalhouse, and Doris Walker-Dalhouse, EECE, were invited keynote speakers for the 19th annual Bermuda Reading Association Conference in Hamilton, Bermuda, which took place in February.  Their presentation, entitled "Providing a Foundation for Literacy: An Agenda for Parents, Teachers and Guardians," addressed the impact brain research is having on the language and literacy development of young children and presented research-based strategies for fostering growth in language and literacy.  Included in the audience of 400 dignitaries, teachers and parents who attended were the Prime Minister of Bermuda, the Minister of Education, and the Shadow Minister of Education (representative of the opposition party).  Prior to their formal presentation, Walker-Dalhouse and Dalhouse visited government operated and private nursery and primary schools and spoke at an assembly of students at the largest primary school on the island.

Psychology Club was busy as usual this year with socials, speakers, fundraisers and service activities. In the Fall, we had our open house in the Psychology Department and at DragonFrost, where we raffled off many prizes and gained new members. In September, club members created and sold American Flag pins to show remembrance at the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist bombing.
Throughout the year we hosted a series of guests who presented educational and career opportunity talks, including a speaker from FirstLink Hotline, Wes Erwin from the MSUM Counseling Center, and Lisa Stewart from MSUM School Psychology. Psychology Club also sponsored a book signing by author and “skeptic” Dr. Michael Shermer who talked at MSUM about his latest book “Why People Believe Weird Things”. For the 2003 Red River Psychology Conference at NDSU, Psychology Club presented “Psychology: A Map of the World” to show how research and historical events in psychology have covered the globe. We continued our community service project “Adopt a Highway” and even had some time for fun social outings this year. Finally, we inducted 10 new members into Psi Chi-The National Honor Society in Psychology. Congratulations to: Tiffany Anderson, Autumn Ascano, Emily Behrend, Stephanie Butcher, Nathan Engebretson, Sarah Grabowska, Angie Larson, Jamie Neujahr, Nicole Verdi and Katherine Wilson. And a special thanks to the 2002-2003 Psychology Club officers: President Angie Wagner (who is off to the University of Minnesota’s Ph.D. program in School Psychology), Vice President Erin Kirmis, Treasurer Dusty Diehl, Secretary Joe Kieffer and faculty advisor Dr. Elizabeth Nawrot.

The following students had presentation at the 2003 Red River Psychology Conference:

  • Erin Kermis (Gender differences: Does competition vs. non-competition in advertisements influence males and females differently?)
  • Dustin Diehl (The social perception of pit bull owners.)
  • Kelsey Lundeen (Effect of different attention levels on retrieval of picture advertisements: Explicit vs. implicit memory.)
  • Emily Behred (Are you sure? The effects of gender and persuasion on eyewitness testimony.)
  • Autumn R. Ascano (Infant’s instrumental interpretations.)
  • Stephanie Corneliussen (The relationship of childhood sexual abuse and psychopathology in children.)
  • Jennifer K. Honzay and Tiffany K. Anderson (Art categorizations and emotional content.)
  • Laura C. Haak (A phenomenon in memory distortion.) and (Perception of the tritone by Indonesian and Mandarin speakers.)

Lisa Nawrot  recently had a paper entitled "The Perception of Emotional Expression in Music: Evidence from Infants, Children and Adults" published in Psychology of Music, 2003, volume 31, 75-92.  Dr. Nawrot's continuing research "The origins of affective interpretation of music" has been funded from a CSNS Faculty Improvement Grant for 2002-03.