Psychology Department

Accomplishments for Academic Year 2011-2012

Dr. Derick Dalhouse received a university 2012 Excellence Award in Research for his contributions over the years.

Psychology Junior Awards

The Department established two awards for junior students this spring. 

The Psychology Department Award for  a student at the Junior level who has demonstrated excellence in overall academic achievement and commitment to the field of Psychology was given to Megan Nere.

 The Psychology Research Award for a student at the Junior level who has demonstrated excellence in research activity was given to Dylan O' Brien. Dylan has presented his research at several conferences, including the Midwestern Psychological Association this year.


Congratulations to both of you!

2012 Psi Chi Inductees 

The following Psychology students were inducted into the Honor Society this year:
Ibukun Awosika, Spencer Coffman, Jessie Heising, Bria Itzen, Carmella Jasperson and Elizabeth Plankers.

Paterson Award Nominee


The department nominates an oustanding senior every year for the Minnesota Psychological Association's Paterson Award.  Jennifer Wenner is this year's nominee and received a plaque from the department.  Jennifer willbe attending the doctoral program in Developmental Science at North Dakota State University with a full support.

2012 Red River Undergraduate Psychology Conference

Our department hosted this year's event which featured Dr. Blair T. Johnson, a 1983 graduate of our program, as the keynote speaker.  The following students made presentations:

Ethan Dahl "Relationship dissolution in Second Life: Does Emotional Experience Mirror Real Life?"

Megan Nere "Adult attachment behavior on facial detection of emotion."

Justine Breedon "Differing disabilities and their perceived deservingness of financial assistance."

Kimberly Fritel "Introvert's optimum level of arousal."

Farryn Helm, Emily Lyons, Bria Itzen, and Nathan Nowak " Eliciting evidence for false memories on explicit and implicit memory tests."

Jennifer Livingood "Visual attention to body parts in images of women with different body sizes."

Kelsey Richardson, Ethan Dahl, and Richard Kolotkin " Virtual sexual aggression: Real life correlates of online involvement in BDSM and rape simulations within the virtual world of Second Live."

Spencer Coffman "Telling the difference: Real vs. fake smiles."

Jennifer Wenner, Gary Nickell and Elizabeth Nawrot "The effects of facial expression and body posture on emotion recognition."

Jennifer Wenner, Kelsey Ihringer, Megan Nere, and Elizabeth Nawrot "Child detection of inauthentic emotion."

Rachel Thompson and Richard Kolotkin "'Collared' differences: Power, commitment, and sexual satisfaction within virtual BDSM relationships."

Justine Breedon, Tim Fode, Dominique DeZiel, Jesse Forster, and Gary Nickell "The influence of vertical position on leadership perception."

Dylan O' Brien "Time estimation and Music."

Jennifer Wenner, a senior in the department received the College Research Award this Fall for her project entitled "Children's Detection of Inauthentic Emotion: An Eye Tracking Study."  In September, she was also the first recipient of the recently established "Diana Divecha Award for Developmental Science"  for achieving excellence in the study of developmental science.  Diana Divecha herself gave the award to Jennifer.  Diana was in town in order to receive a Distinguished Alumni Award.  Congratulations Jennifer!                                                

Dr. Ernest (Willie) Hallford received the university 2011 Excellence Award in Research.