Final Exam Study Guide
ANTH 110/Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Fall 2013/Dr. Roberts

The designated final exam day and time for this class is December 12. The 1:30 section (000974) will take the exam at 11:30AM. The 3:00 section (000973) will take the exam at 2:00PM.

Please bring a picture ID to the exam because I will check them.

The Final Exam will be worth 100 points and it will be cumulative - covering material from the entire semester. The format will be multiple choice, true-false, and matching. I will not ask any  questions directly from the textbook but I do strongly advise that you go back and at least minimally look at the highlights of the chapters we've covered.

There's really no need to have a completely separate study guide for the final, since you have those from the first three exams. What follows are simply some suggestions as to major concepts that I would hope you'd be familiar with and hopefully understand after taking this course. Use it to help yourself prepare for the final.

Please do not simply go through the list looking for "the answer" so you can memorize it. Remember, I'm far more interested that you understand and comprehend the meaning and significance of a concept/term than I am if you can memorize a definition. If you can understand/comprehend a concept or idea to the point that you can apply/use it in a different context from the one I used in class, then we have both succeeded. Good luck!

What is Anthropology?

The Concept of Culture

Ethics and Methods in Cultural Anthropology

Language and Communication

Making a Living (Subsistence/Adaptive Strategies)

Gender and Culture

Kinship, Family, and Marriage Systems



The World System and Colonialism

Applied Anthropology