Red River Psychology Conference

 Afternoon Poster Session – 2:00-3:45 pm

Friday, April 20, 2012 - CMU Ballroom, Section A, MSUM


1.  Toddler Search Behavior and Maternal Modeling Authors

Lynae S. Hemming & Rebecca J. Woods

North Dakota State University


2.  Behavioral and Gene Expression Analyses of Lupus-Prone MRL-lpr and Control Mice

Lauren Fields, Nathalie Fida Lassang, Lacey Shiue, Elizabeth Quincer, Charissa Quinlan, Janna Erickson, Teresa Vernig, Susan Larson and Krystle Strand

Departments of Psychology and Biology, Concordia College


3.  The Effects of Facial Expression and Body Posture on Emotion Recognition

Jennifer Wenner, Gary Nickell, & Elizabeth Nawrot

Minnesota State University Moorhead


4.  Child Detection of Inauthentic Emotion

Jennifer Wenner, Kelsey Ihringer, Megan Nere, & Elizabeth Nawrot

Minnesota State University Moorhead


5.  View Adaptation and Neural Coding of Face Viewpoint

Nayar Valente & Benjamin Balas

North Dakota State University


6.  "Collared" Differences: Power, Commitment, and Sexual Satisfaction within Virtual BDSM Relationships

Rachel Thompson & Richard Kolotkin

Minnesota State University Moorhead


7.  The Role of Common Motion in Depth from Motion Parallax

Mik Ratzlaff, Zachary Leonard, Jonathon George, Joshua I. Johnson, Jason Duchscherer, & Nicole Nelson

North Dakota State University  


8.  Humor and Harmony: The Role of Humor Styles in Relationship Satisfaction and Expression of Affect

Britney Johnson & Katie Smith

Concordia College


9.  Disambiguation of depth through implied motion

Zachary Leonard, Mik Ratzlaff, Joshua I. Johnson, Nicole Nelson, Jonathon George, & Jason Duchscherer

North Dakota State University

10.  Effects of perceptual learning on visual short-term memory

Cindy Kyi & Michael Mangini

Concordia College


11.  Attachment Style and Expression of Affect in Romantic Relationships

Jennifer Harvey & Jason Bell

Concordia College


12.  Optimal Display of Words in Different Orientations

Kayla Wyrobek, Lyndsey Wunderlich, & F. R. Ferraro

University of North Dakota


13.  Development of an IPod Dependence Scale

Lyndsey Wunderlich, Kayla Wyrobek, & F. R. Ferraro

University of North Dakota


14.  The Influence of Vertical Position on Leadership Perception

Justine Breedon, Tim Fode, Dominique DeZiel, Jesse Forster, & Gary Nickell

Minnesota State University Moorhead


15.  Running Wheel Pre-Exposure Reduces Errors on Complex Motor Tasks

Kate Happel & Susan Larson

Concordia College

16.  Time Estimation and Music

Dylan O'Brien

Minnesota State University, Moorhead

17.  In pursuit of parallax: does linear perspective disambiguate depth from motion parallax?
Joshua I. Johnson & Jonathan M. George
North Dakota State University, Center for Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience