Radio Programming & Production
Radio Classes and Opportunities at
Minnesota State University Moorhead

MC 353
Online Production

MC 241
Radio Practicum
Dragon Radio

There are many ways for you to be invlolved in radio broadcasting and webcasting activities and classes. Below is a short description of each of those opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Schieffer at 218-477-2337 or radio@mnstate.edu

MC 240 -
Radio Programming & Production
This class covers radio station operations and programming. It also provides hands-on training in the production of radio programs in the digital format, radio station personnel, recorded and live production techniques, and audio recording and editing software.

MC 353 - Audio/Video Online Production
This class is about audio and video digital production for the purposes of presenting on the internet. Students will learn the process and work with the tools for developing digital recordings. They will learn how to create streaming internet content and use the tools to present that programming. And exploration of appropriate and current uses of online audio and video is also included in the class. Copyright, other legal issues, ethics, and e-business subjects are also studied.

MC 241 - Radio Practicum
This course is a hands-on, project-based, individualized course that allows students to explore specific experiences in radio. Projects can be in production, promotion, administration, organization or other aspects of radio. Formats for projects can involve online tadio or traditional over-the-air broadcast radio.

KMSC Radio
KMSC is a student organization that broadcasts on 1500 AM and on the internet. Any MSUM student, facutly or staff member can have there own radio show. They are located in the lower level of the Comstock Memorial Union. Call them at 218-477-2115 or check their website at www.dragonradio.org.