Herbert Hoover Book Award

For more information about the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association, once the sponsor of the award, click here.

2007     Bohemian Los Angeles and the making of modern politics by Daniel Hurewitz
     Total cold war : Eisenhower’s secret propaganda battle at home and abroad by Kenneth Osgood
     Polio : an American story by David Oshinsky
2004     The lavender scare : the Cold War persecution of gays and lesbians in the federal government by David K. Johnson
2003     Nazis and good neighbors : the United States campaign against the Germans of Latin America in World War II by Max Paul Friedman
2002     Sloan rules : Alfred P. Sloan and the triumph of General Motors by David Farber
2001     In pursuit of equity : women, men, and the quest for economic citizenship in 20th century America by Alice Kessler-Harris
2000     Storm on the horizon : the challenge to American intervention, 1939-1941 by Justus Doenecke
1999     Broadcasting freedom : radio, war, and the politics of race, 1938-1948 by Barbara Dianne Savage
1998     The dictator next door : the good neighbor policy and the Trujillo regime in the Dominican Republic, 1930-1945 by Eric Paul Roorda
1997     Atomic spaces : living on the Manhattan Project by Peter Bacon Hales
1996     Drawing the line : the American decision to divide Germany, 1944-1949 by Carolyn Eisenberg
1995     Man of the people : a life of Harry S. Truman by Alonzo Hamby
1994     A world at arms : a global history of World War II by Gerhard Weinberg (2d ed. (2005) here)
1993     The land of desire : merchants, power, and the rise of a new American culture by William Leach
1992     A preponderance of power : national security, the Truman administration, and the Cold War by Melvyn Leffler