Gloria E. Anzaldúa Book Prize

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2018     Everyday sustainability : gender justice and fair trade tea in Darjeeling by Debarati Sen; Pushing in silence : modernizing Puerto Rico and the medicalization of childbirth by Isabel M. Córdova; honorable mention: Post-borderlandia : Chicana literature and gender variant critique by T. Jackie Cuevas
2017     The borders of Dominicanidad : race, nation, and archives of contradiction by Lorgia García-Peña; honorable mention: Living a feminist life by Sara Ahmed; honorable mention: Downwardly global : women, work, and citizenship in the Pakistani diaspora by Lalaie Ameeriar
2016     Power interrupted : antiracist and feminist activism in the United Nations by Sylvanna M. Falcon; honorable mention: Shapeshifters : black girls and the choreography of citizenship by Aimee Meredith Cox; honorable mention: Latino heartland : of borders and belonging in the midwest by Sujey Vega
2015     Dealing in desire : Asian ascendancy, Western decline, and the hidden currencies of global sex work by Kimberly Kay Hoang
2014     Black women against the land grab : the fight for racial justice in Brazil by Keisha-Khan Y. Perry; honorable mention: Transformation now! toward a post-oppositional politics of change by AnaLouise Keating
2013     Seeing beauty, sensing race in transnational Indonesia by L. Ayu Saraswati
2012     Transnationalism reversed : women organizing against gendered violence in Bangladesh by Elora Chowdhury; honorable mention: Spiritual mestizaje : religion, gender, race, and nation in contemporary Chicana narrative by Theresa Delgadillo; honorable mention: The womanist idea by Layli Maparyan
2011     Bodies in crisis : culture, violence, and women's resistance in neoliberal Argentina by Barbara Sutton; honorable mention: Reading is my window : books and the art of reading in women's prisons by Megan Sweeny
2010     Encarnación : illness and body politics in Chicana feminist literature by Suzanne Bost; honorable mention: Beyond the black lady : sexuality and the new African American middle class by Lisa Thompson
2009     Native speakers : Ella Deloria, Zora Neale Hurston, Jovita González and the poetics of culture by Maria Eugenia Cotera
2008     Imagining Arab womanhood : the cultural mythology of veils, harems, and belly dancers in the U.S. by Amira Jarmakani; honorable  mention: Seeing red : anger, sentimentality, and American Indians by Cari M. Carpenter