The Ralph Waldo Emerson Award

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2018     Greater Gotham : a history of New York City from 1898 to 1919 by Mike Wallace
2017     From the war on poverty to the war on crime : the making of mass incarceration in America by Elizabeth Hinton
2016     The murder of William of Norwich : the origins of the blood libel in Medieval Europe by E. M. Rose
2015     The Parthenon enigma by Joan Breton Connelly
2014     Anti-Judaism : the Western tradition by David Nirenberg
2013     Short nights of the Shadow Catcher : the epic life and immortal photographs of Edward Curtis by Timothy Egan
2012     Armies of heaven : the first crusade and the quest for apocalypse by Jay Rubenstein
2011     Bloodlands : Europe between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder
2008     Muhammad's grave : death rites and the making of Islamic society by Leor Halevi
2007     Inhuman bondage : the rise and fall of slavery in the New World by David Brion Davis
2006     American curiosity : cultures of natural history in the colonial British Atlantic world by Susan Scott Parrish
2005     Absolute destruction : military culture and the practices of war in Imperial Germany by Isabel Hull
2004     The end of the soul : scientific modernity, atheism, and anthropology in France by Jennifer Michael Hecht
2003     The eye of the Lynx : Galileo, his friends, and the beginnings of modern natural history by David Freedberg
2002     Ermengard of Narbonne and the world of the troubadours by Fredric L. Cheyette
2001     Van Gogh and Gauguin : the search for sacred art by Debora Silverman
2000     The Holocaust in American life by Peter Novick
1999     A history of madness in sixteenth-century Germany by H. C. Eric Midelfort
1998     The name of war : King Philip's War and the origins of American identity by Jill Lepore
1997     Spinoza, liberalism, and the question of Jewish identity by Steven B. Smith
1996     Codex Telleriano-Remensis : ritual, divination, and history in a pictorial Aztec manuscript by Eloise Quinones Keber
1995     The resurrection of the body in Western Christianity, 220-1336 by Caroline Walker Bynum
1994     W. E. B. Du Bois -- biography of a race, 1868-1919 by David Levering Lewis
1993     Protecting soldiers and mothers : the political origins of social policy in the United States by Theda Skocpol
1992     The radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood
1991     In search of human nature : the decline and revival of Darwinism in American social thought by Carl N. Degler
1990     America's Rome by William L. Vance
1989     The body and society : men, women, and sexual renunciation in early Christianity by Peter Brown
1988     The fall of the house of labor : the workplace, the state, and American labor activism, 1865-1925 by David Montgomery.
1987     Ecological imperialism : the biological expansion of Europe, 900-1900 by Alfred W. Crosby (2d ed., 2004, here)
1986     The world of thought in ancient China by Benjamin I. Schwartz
1985     The crucible of race : black/white relations in the American South since emancipation by Joel Williamson
1984     Against the apocalypse : responses to catastrophe in modern Jewish culture by David G. Roskies
1983     The war within : from Victorian to modernist thought in the South, 1919-1945 by Daniel Joseph Singal
1982     Philosophical explanations by Robert Nozick
1981     White supremacy : a comparative study in American and South African history by George M. Fredrickson
1980     Utopian thought in the Western World by Frank E. Manuel and Fritzie P. Manuel
1979     The printing press as an agent of change: communications and cultural transformations in early modern Europe by Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
1978     The rise of American philosophy : Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1860-1930 by Bruce Kuklick
1977     Peasants into Frenchmen : the modernization of rural France, 1870-1914 by Eugen Weber
1976     The Great War and modern memory by Paul Fussell
1975     The venture of Islam : conscience and history in a world civilization by Marshall G. S. Hodgson
1974     Venice, a maritime republic by Frederic C. Lane
1973     Reflections on the causes of human misery and upon certain proposals to eliminate them by Barrington Moore, Jr.
1972     A theory of justice by John Rawls
1971     American convictions : cycles of public thought, 1600-1850 by Charles A. Barker
1970     Love and will by Rollo May
1969     Weimar culture : the outsider as insider by Peter Gay
1968     White over black : American attitudes toward the Negro, 1550-1812 by Winthrop D. Jordan (1974 version)
1967     Children of crisis : a study of courage and fear by Robert Coles
1966     The career of philosophy, volume 2 : from the German Enlightenment to the age of Darwin by John  Herman Randall, Jr.
1965     O strange new world : American culture : the formative years by Howard Mumford Jones
1964     Race : the history of an idea in America by Thomas F. Gossett
1963     Anti-intellectualism in American life by Richard Hofstadter
1962     Freedom in the ancient world by Herbert J. Muller
1961     Mysticism and philosophy by W. T. Stace
1960     Philosophy and the modern world by Albert William Levi