The Gladstone History Book Prize

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2018     The fullness of time : temporalities of the fifteenth-century Low Countries by Matthew S. Champion
2017     From empire to exile : history and memory within the pied-noir and harki communities, 1962-2012 by Claire Eldridge
2016     Political thought and the public sphere in Tanzania by Emma Hunter
2015     Interlopers of empire : the Lebanese diaspora in Colonial French West Africa by Andrew Arsan and The age of the Efendiyya : passages to modernity in national-colonial Egypt by Lucie Ryzova
2013     Freedom's price : serfdom, subjection and reform in Prussia, 1648-1848 by Sean A. Eddie
2012     Working knowledge : making the human sciences from Parsons to Kuhn by Joel Isaac
2011     Experiencing war as the 'enemy other' : Italian Scottish experience in World War II by Wendy Ugolini
2010     Settler society in the English Leeward Islands, c.1670-1776 by Natalie Zacek
2009     Legal practice and the written word in the early Middle Ages. Frankish Formulae, c.500-1000 by Alice Rio
2008     Bonds of blood : gender, lifecycle and sacrifice in Aztec culture by Caroline Dodds-Pennock
2007     The great Partition : the making of India and Pakistan by Yasmin Khan; Information and communication in Venice by Filippo De Vivo (RUNNER UP)
2006     The justice of Venice : authorities and liberties in the urban economy, 1550-1700 by James E. Shaw
2005     German strategy and the path to Verdun : Erich von Falkenhayn and the development of attrition, 1870-1850 by Robert Foley
2004     Hitler's prisons : legal terror in Nazi Germany by Nikolaus Wachsmann
2003     Hindu kingship and polity in precolonial India by Norbert Peabody and From Reich to State : the Rhineland in the Revolutionary Age, 1780-1830 by Michael Rowe
2002     Soldier and peasant in French popular culture, 1766-1870 by David Hopkin and The dynastic state and the army under Louis XIV by Guy Rowlands
2001     At the gate of Christendom : Jews, Muslims and "pagans" in medieval Hungary, c.1000-c.1300 by Nora Berend
2000     State and society in the Middle Ages : the middle Rhine Valley, 400-1000 by Matthew Innes
1999     Who paid the piper? : the CIA and the cultural cold war by Frances Stonor Saunders
1998     The death of the KPD : Communism and anti-Communism in West Germany, 1945-1956 by Patrick Major
1997     Thinking with demons : the idea of witchcraft in early modern Europe by Stuart Clark