The Diana Forsythe Prize

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2017     Encoding race, encoding class : Indian IT workers in Berlin by Sareeta Amrute
2016     Emergent ecologies by Eben Kirksey; honorable mention: The impotence epidemic : men's medicine and sexual desire in contemporary China by Everett Yuehong Zhang
2015     Hacker, hoaxer, whistleblower, spy : the many faces of Anonymous by Gabriella Coleman; honorable mention: Ordinary medicine : extraordinary treatments, longer lives, and where to draw the line by Sharon Kaufman
2014     Malignant : how cancer becomes us by S. Lochlann Jain; When experiments travel : clinical trials and the global search for human subjects by Adriana Petryna (honorable mention)
2013     The life of cheese : crafting food and value in America by Heather Paxson
2012     Sex cells : the medical market for eggs and sperm by Rene Almeling
2011     Pretty modern : beauty, sex and plastic surgery in Brazil by Alexander Edmonds
2010     Birthing a mother : the surrogate body and the pregnant self by Elly Teman
2009     Bipolar expeditions : mania and depression in American Culture by Emily Martin
2008     Will to live : AIDS therapies and the politics of survival by João Biehl
2007     Local babies, global science : gender, religion and in vitro fertilization in Egypt by Marcia Inhorn
2006     Cultures@SiliconValley by Jan English-Lueck
2005     Picturing personhood : brain scans and biomedical identity by Joe Dumit
2003     When nature goes public : the making and unmaking of bioprospecting in Mexico by Cori Hayden
2002     Lucy Suchman, for the body of her work
2001     Silicon second nature : culturing artificial life in a digital world by Stefan Helmreich
2000     David Hess, for the body of his work
1999     Testing women, testing the fetus : the social impact of amniocentesis in America by Rayna Rapp