The Katherine Singer Kovács Book Award

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2018     Queer cinema in the world by Karl Schoonover and Rosalind Galt; honorable mention: The face on film by Noa Steimatsky
2017     The conscience of cinema : the films of Joris Ivens, 1912-1989 by Thomas Waugh
2016     Broadcasting modernity : Cuban commercial television, 1950-1960 by Yeidy M. Rivero
2015     Elegy for theory by David O. Rodowick
2014     The age of new waves : art cinema and the staging of globalization by James Tweedie; mp3 : the meaning of a format by Jonathan Sterne (Award of distinction)
2013     Cinema and experience : Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno by Miriam Bratu Hansen; A social history of Iranian cinema by Hamid Naficy (honorable mention)
2012     The essay film : from Montaigne, after Marker by Timothy Corrigan
2011     The anime machine: a media theory of animation by Thomas Lamarre
2010     Constructing the image of the Mexican Revolution : cinema and the archive by Zusana M. Pick
2009     Heartland TV : prime time television and the struggle for U.S. identity by Victoria Johnson
2008     Laughing mad : the black comic persona in post-soul America by Bambi Haggins; The virtual window : from Alberti to Microsoft by Anne Friedberg (honorable mention)
2007     Convergence culture : where old and new media collide by Henry Jenkins; Migrating to the movies :  cinema and Black urban modernity by Jacqueline Stewart (honorable mention)
2006     Babes in tomorrowland : Walt Disney and the making of the American child, 1930-1960 by Nicholas Sammond; Rerun nation : how repeats invented American television by Derek Kompare (honorable mention)
2005     Lesbian rule : cultural criticism and the value of desire by Amy Villarejo; Film noir and the spaces of modernity by Edward Dimenberg (honorable mention); Policing cinema : movies and censorship in early-twentieth-century America by Lee Grieveson (honorable mention)
2004     The Imperial screen : Japanese film culture in the Fifteen years’ war, 1931-1945 by Peter B. High
2003     Wondrous difference : cinema, anthropology, & turn-of-the-century visual culture by Alison Griffiths
2002     Fire & desire : mixed-race movies in the silent era by Jane Gaines
2001     Weimar cinema and after : Germany's historical imaginary by Thomas Elsaesser; Screening culture, viewing politics : an ethnography of television, womanhood, and nation in postcolonial India by Purnima Mankekar
2000     Film/genre by Rick Altman; Home movies and other necessary fictions by Michelle Citron (honorable mention); More than night : film noir in its contexts by James Naremore (honorable mention)
1999     Freaks talk back : tabloid talk shows and sexual nonconformity by Joshua Gamson; The talkies : America's transition to sound, 1926-1931 by Donald Crafton (honorable mention); Virtualities : television, media art, and cyberculture by Margaret Morse (honorable mention); Edison Motion Pictures, 1809-1900 : an annotated filmography by Charles Musser (honorable mention)
1998     Main Street amusements : movies and commercial entertainment in a Southern city, 1896-1930 by Gregory A. Waller; The third eye : race, cinema, and ethnographic spectacle by Fatima Tobin Roby; Parallel tracks : the railroad and silent cinema by Lynne Kirby (honorable mention); Hard to imagine : gay male eroticism in photography and film from their beginnings to Stonewall by Thomas Waugh (honorable mention)
1995     Streetwalking on a ruined map : cultural theory and the city films of Elvira Notari by Guliano Bruno
1992     Narrative comprehension and film by Edward Branigan
1991     Contested culture : the image, the voice, and the law by Jane Gaines
1990     The emergence of cinema : the American screen to 1907 by Charles Musser; The transformation of cinema, 1907-1915 by Eileen Bowser; An evening's entertainment : the age of the silent feature picture, 1915-1923 by Richard Kozarski
1989     New German cinema : a history by Thomas Elsaesser