The Edelstein (Dexter) Prize

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2018     The unreliable nation : hostile nature and technological failure in the Cold War by Edward Jones-Imhotep
2017     After the map : cartography, navigation and the transformation of territory in the twentieth century by William Rankin
2016     The slain wood : papermaking and its environmental consequences in the American south by William Boyd
2015     Routes of power : energy and modern America by Christopher F. Jones
2014     Malignant : how cancer becomes us by S. Lochlann Jain
2013     Steam-powered knowledge : William Chambers and the business of publishing, 1820-1860 by Aileen Fyfe
2012     Cybernetic revolutionaries : technology and politics in Allende's Chile by Eden Medina
2011     Sensing changes : technologies, environments, and the everyday, 1953-2003 by Joy Parr
2010     The mantra of efficiency : from waterwheel to social control by Jennifer Karns Alexander
2009     Guns, race, and power in colonial South Africa by William Kelleher Storey
2008     Heroes of invention : technology, liberalism and British identity, 1750-1914 by Christine MacLeod
2007     Earthquake nation : the cultural politics of Japanese seismicity, 1868–1930 by Gregory Clancey
2006     Eugenic design : streamlining America in the 1930s by Christine Cogdell
2005     The soundscape of modernity : architectural acoustics and the culture of listening in America, 1900-1933 by Emily Thompson
2004     Inventing the cotton gin : machine and myth in antebellum America by Angela Lakwete
2003     War and nature : fighting humans and insects with chemicals from World War I to Silent Spring by Edmund Russell
2002     The sanitary city : urban infrastructure in America from colonial times to the present by Martin V. Melosi
2001     The radiance of France : nuclear power and national identity after World War II by Gabrielle Hecht
2000     Edison : a life of invention by Paul Israel
1999     Technology and gender : fabrics of power in late imperial China by Francesca Bray
1998     Engineering the Revolution : arms and Enlightenment in France, 1763-1815 by Ken Alder
1997     A nation of steel : the making of modern America, 1865-1925 by Thomas J. Misa; The rocket and the reich : Peenemünde and the coming of the ballistic missile era by Michael J. Neufeld
1996     American plastic : a cultural history by Jeffrey Meikle
1995     America calling : a social history of the telephone to 1940 by Claude Fischer
1994     The American railroad freight car : from the wood-car era to the coming of steel by John H. White, Jr.
1993     Electrifying America : social meanings of a new technology, 1880-1940 by David Nye
1992     Paris sewers and sewermen : realities and representations by Donald Reid
1991     Machines as the measure of men : science, technology, and ideologies of Western dominance by Michael Adas
1990     The military revolution : military innovation and the rise of the West, 1500-1800 by Geoffrey Parker
1989     Most wonderful machine : mechanization and social change in Berkshire paper making, 1801-1885 by Judith A. McGaw; St. Clair : a nineteenth-century coal town's experience with a disaster-prone industry by Anthony F. C. Wallace