The Sally Hacker Prize

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2018     Programmed inequality : how Britain discarded women technologists and lost its edge in computing by Marie Hicks
2017     Heavy ground : William Mulholland and the St. Francis Dam disaster by Noris Hundley Jr. and Donald C. Jackson
2016     Eye of the beholder : Johannes Vermeer, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, and the reinvention of seeing by Laura Snyder
2015     Tesla : inventor of the electrical age by W. Bernard Carlson
2014     Command and control : nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safety by Eric Schlosser
2013     The color revolution by Regina Blaszczyk
2012     Hotel dreams : luxury, technology, and urban ambition in America, 18291929 by Molly Berger
2011     Fixing the sky : the checkered history of weather and climate control by James R. Fleming
2010     Fresh : a perishable history by Susanne Freidberg
2009     Technology matters : questions to live with With by David Nye
2008     Technology in world history by W. Bernard Carlson
2007     Capturing sound : how technology has changed music by Mark Katz
2006     Infrastructure : a field guide to the industrial landscape by Brian Hayes
2005     Bicycle : the history by David Herlihy
2004     River of shadows : Eadweard Muybridge and the technological wild west by Rebecca Solnit
2003     Bright earth : art and the invention of color by Philip Ball
2002     The lighthouse Stevensons : the extraordinary story of the building of the Scottish lighthouses by the ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson by Bella Bathurst
2001     War, technology, and experience aboard the USS Monitor by David A. Mindell
2000     Listening in : radio and the American imagination, from Amos n Andy and Edward R. Murrow to Wolfman Jack and Howard Stern by Susan J. Douglas
1999     Crystal fire : the birth of the information age by Michael Riordan and Lillian Hoddeson